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Knitted Baby Boots >>> Pletene Boticky Pro Miminko

I have been painting lately - getting ready for the solo show. So, there have not been much time for me to knit or crochet. However, an acquittance of our family told us, he and his wife are now proud parents of their baby son. I decided to make another pair of booties as a gift for their baby.

As I am getting plenty of praise for these booties, by knitting these as a gift I feel that I am becoming much better at knitting them. I hope you like them :-)

I used THIS yarn in gray and THIS yarn in white. The gray yarn is slightly thicker than white and is great for holding a shape.
Note: The image to the left is not black and white image :-)


Novy "prirustek" do me kolekce pletenych boticek. Nejak se lidem boticky libi a tim jak pletu vice, zacinam se v nich zdokonalovat. Boticky jsou pletene v sede a bile barve z obycejne acryl prize. Seda byla trosku hrubsi a tim i lepe drzi tvar.