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Knitted Pants and Blouse For A Doll >>> Pletene Kalhoty a Halenka Pro Panenku

Knitting for a doll is fun. Especially if your daughter(s) loves (love) to play a "fashion show".

A Valentine's Day outfit for American Girl Doll can be yours either as a pattern or as a knitted product. These pants and blouse with hearts hearts designs are made from an acrylic yarn. The blouse buttons with round buttons on shoulders, however if you order the knitted product buttons may vary.

If you are interested in ordering knitted Valentine's Set it  would be made to order, and therefore it would take a couple of days before it would be finished. If time is important you need to check with me how soon it would be shipped.

For shipping items I use USPS. All sales are final, so make sure you like the item.

These patterns ($3.00 each) are for sale on Ravelry (see below) and Etsy (see link in the menu) or via PayPal (below). The actual knitted blouse and pants can be purchased via PayPal on my blog ONLY (see options below).

  • If you do not belong to Ravelry crowd, see your options for purchase via PayPal - clicking on the drop down menu below.
    As soon as I receive the payment you will receive the .pdf file(s).

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Click below to purchase this pattern for Knitted Pants For Doll for $3.00

Click below to purchase this pattern for Knitted Blouse For Doll for $3.00

The patterns are available on now (see links above or visit and look me up under HandmadeRukodelky) or you can send me a message via this blog. Be assured that I do NOT share anyone's e-mail with anyone. I do not spam. I only send e-mails to people who need my response.