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Knitted Multicolored Tights And Top For American Girl Doll

My daughter's doll got another outfit for her wardrobe. This time she got tights and top, which are made from a "Loops & Threads" Luxury Super Fine Sock Yarn.  So if you have at home an American Girl Doll, or you know someone who has, and you love to knit, why don't you download my new pattern? This outfit would certainly make a nice gift for someone's birthday, or for any other occasion.

I bought my sock yarn at Michael's Arts and Craft store, but I am sure you could find a local yarn store in your area and even buy a leftover skein at discounted price. Sometimes you can even find yarn at the garage sale. Or order yarn from an on-line store. My entire outfit's price tag was no more than 5 dollars - I bought the colorful yarn in the store and the off white yarn was given to me. Not bad since outfits for American Girl Doll start at about $20+. And this outfit is special - one of a kind. It is not too difficult to knit it. I used only combination of two stitches - knit and purl. I didn't do too much of increasing or decreasing. I think that an advanced beginner will not have hard time knitting it.

CLICK HERE to see a supplemental video for decreasing and increasing while knitting tights.

You can purchase one of these patterns in pdf file:

  • Just the Top/Blouse - 11 pages and 11 images, and can be yours for $3 via paypal.
  • Just the Tights - 6 pages and 4 images can be yours for $3 via paypal.
  • Or entire Set (Top and Tights) - 14 pages and 13 images can be yours for $5 via paypal.
Please, click on the drop down menu to specify what you are purchasing when ordering.

Knitted Multicolored Tights, Top or Set for AGD

As soon as I receive the payment, I will send you the pattern as a .PDF attachment.
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