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Even Vampires Knit

OK, I have to write about a movie "What We Do In The Shadows" from a director Taika Waititi. I do not know if you like "vampire movies," but if I come across a movie that is a comedy and it has vampires in it, I have to see it. I think the movie crew made this movie quite cleverly. It was made in New Zealand and filmed in the form of a documentary, making it believable that vampires exist. And NO, vampires DO NOT exist. Don't let them fool you. But besides this movie being a pretty good comedy (I had many laughs) what I liked about it was that one vampire is a knitter!!! Not that actor could actually knit, but he had such a straight face while knitting that if you are not a knitter you would believe he surely knows knitting. LOL.

Anyway below is a trailer, and if you like comedies, men who knit and vampires it is worth of seeing it. Have a great day knitting or crocheting. I will because it is snow storming outside today. Too bad I cannot find another great vampire movie for this kind of weather.


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