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3 Summer Crocheted Hats For Girl >>> 3 Letni Hackovane Cepicky Pro Holcicku

I went to visit my friend today. She has twins and since my fingers must do something all the time, besides surfing the net, I brought knitting and crocheting projects with me. At home I started to crochet one of two hats for her twin girls. However, while visiting her home I started making some very wild finger puppets for the twin girls and their visiting friend. Later on we flipped through pages of A BOOK about crochet tips and techniques and she told me she would love to have a summer hat for her girls. I looked at her with amazement. It was like a telepathy - how did I know that that's what she desires  for her precious children? I pulled out of my bag the hat I started already and she could not believe her eyes. What a coincidence.

Below you can see (for your inspiration) hats I made as gifts.