This web site is dedicated to my professor Stacy Israel, who taught all her students about the importance of being creative, and not just a consumer.

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My Artistic Endeavors >>> Moje Umelecke Snazeni

I have been very busy painting lately. That is why my blog has been "quiet". And since art is considered a "hand made stuff", I decided to post my latest work here, which my friends gave me a lot of praise of. And which led to my idea of creating gifts for art lovers that can be purchased on Zazzle. More of my art can be seen on my other (art) blog HERE.

V posledni dobe se dost venuji malovani. Proto tu bylo takove "ticho po pesine". Ale protoze malovani obrazu se da povazovat za "rukodelky" a ponevadz moji pratele a rodina mi moje obrazy velmi chvalili, rozhodla jsem se toho vyuzit a vytvorit darecky, ktere se daji koupit na Zazzle webove strance, pro zajemce o me umeni. Vice mych obrazu muzete najit ZDE.