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How To Knit A Moss Stitch With Even Number of Stitches

In THIS VIDEO (for any beginner knitter) you can see how to knit a so called "moss stitch" with EVEN number of stitches. I used ten stitches, but you can use any even number - such as 20, or 56 or what ever even number you need to cast on. You need to take great care to watch your stitches carefully in order not to make a mistake in this stitch pattern.

I use even numbers of stitches when I knit a garment that I have to divide into two halves (ie. v-neck sweater). But, whenever I knit an item just straight up (ie. scarf) I use a moss stitch with odd number of stitches, because each row starts exactly the same. However, when I use an even number of stitches, I have to start each row differently.

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