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Slouchy Hat With Cabled Edge

I like items that look different, unusual. That is why I designed and knitted this hat in an irregular way. But not too irregularly. The edge is knitted with white colored yarn from my leftover, and the rest is knitted with different widths of stockinette and reverse stockinette stitches . It is fairly  simple hat, so anyone who knows how to cast on, how to do a knit stitch, a purl stitch, how to knit a 2-stitch cable, how to knit two stitches together and how to bind off, can knit this hat. Knit the hat in

I used Loops & Threads yarn, but you can use any worsted yarn, such as Bernat or Lion Brand; or any wool yarn like Swish from KnitPicks, which is quite affordable. You can knit hat in single color, or change the colors with each section, or use a variegated yarn. Your color decision is limitless.

DPN - double pointed needles
CO - cast on
st(s) - stitch(es)
K - knit stitch
P - purl stitch
CBL - (2 stitch twist cable) - to knit this cable, ignore the first stitch on your left needle; knit the second stitch on your left needle through the back loop and keep it on the needle; then knit first stitch on your left needle normally; then "drop" both stitches from your left knitting needle (or if you are leftie from your right knitting needle)
K2tog - knit two stitches together
BO - bind off

Materials used:
Yarn: worsted yarn #4 thickness; white and blue colors, or any other of your choice
Long needles size #8
Double pointed needles, size #8
Hook #F

  • Circumference 18" (this hat can stretch up to 20")
  • Height: 10"
2"x2" = 8 sts x 10 rows (stockinette) 

Step-by-Step Instructions:

White Yarn
CO 64 sts on long needles

Row 1         *[K2, P2]*, repeat from * to *, then distribute all sts among 4 DPNs (each will have 16 sts) and connect into circle without twisting your knit
Rnd 2-3       *[K2, P2]*, repeat from * to *
Rnd 4          *[CBL, P2]* - repeat from * to * 
Rnd 5-7       *[K2, P2]*, repeat from * to *
Rnd 8          *[CBL, P2]* - repeat from * to * 
Rnd 9-10      *[K2, P2]*, repeat from * to *

Blue Yarn

Rnd 11-13     K64 
Rnd 14-17     P64
Rnd 18-23     K64
Rnd 24-26     P64
Rnd 27-31     K64
Rnd 32-36     P64
Rnd 37-41     K64
Rnd 42-45     P64
Rnd 46-51     K64
Rnd 52-54     P64
Rnd 55-60     K64
Rnd 61          *[K2tog, K1]* - repeat from * to *, then K1 (last st) - total 43 st
Rnd 62-64    K43
Rnd 65         *[K2tog]* - repeat from * to *, then K1 (last st) - total 22 st
Rnd 66-67    K22
Rnd 68         *[K2tog]* - repeat from * to * - total 11 st
Rnd 69         K11

BO by pulling yarn through all the remaining 11 stitches

Weave in all the ends/tails.

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