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More Granny Square And Triangle Videos

Lately I have been working on my little project of crocheted granny squares blankets. I made one blanket for American Girl Doll, and now I am crocheting one for a baby. So, I decided to make few videos and I compile them into playlists (one for lefties and one for right handed people) on YouTube. So far I have made just one type of granny square, and just in case you would like to attach them in diagonal way, I made a video how to crochet a triangle. My playlists include attaching the granny squares.

The blanket in the image (on your left) is for a baby. The size is 32" x 40". It has 49 squares and 22 triangles. This diagonal layout is done in such a way that there are in each corner 2 squares with 2 triangles. My next step is to join these pieces. (Click on the image to enlarge).

  • So, if you are a RIGHT handed crocheter CLICK HERE for your playlist.
  • If you are a LEFT handed crocheter  CLICK HERE for your playlist.
Each playlist is a little different, but more videos are coming your way.
I hope these will help someone out there. Happy crocheting (and knitting).