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Trendy Knits - Hat And Asymmetrical Scarf

This "color-scheme" from Lion Brand is perfect
for my asymmetrical cowl and hat
For impatient knitters here is a quick project. In a couple of hours you can have this very trendy asymmetrical cowl and in another couple of hours, you can have a cool, matching hat to go with it. The hat will look great on men and women - you just need to choose the right color and you have a unisex pattern. No matter who you will knit either just a hat or both the hat and the cowl for, the person will look fashion forward. It will keep the person warm when snowflakes are coming down or when it is just cold outside.

Use any super bulky (#6) yarn, choose a color to match your loved one's personality and you have a winner.

There is a video tutorial for a hat. If you are a lefty knitter then CLICK HERE.
All right-handed knitters CLICK HERE.

2" x 2" = 5 sts x 7 rows (stockinette)

Cowl Size:
Length - 24.5"
Narrow End - 5.5"
Wide End - 11"

Hat Size:
Adult - 20" plus (depending on how much it stretches)

Yarn - 2 balls of Super Bulky #6; I used Lion Brand, Wool Ease, Thick & Quick; 106 yrd/97 m; 6 oz/170 g; color "Hudson Bay" - one ball for a scarf and one ball for a hat
Long Knitting Needles - size #13 (9 mm)
Double Pointed needles - size #13 (9 mm)
Yarn needle
Hook (optional) for weaving in the ends

CO - cast on
K - knit
P - purl
kbf - knit through back and then through front of your next stitch
DPN - double pointed needles
k2tog - knit two stitches together
BO - bind off


Asymmetrical Cowl


CO 14 sts

Row 1-30          K14
Row 31             K10, kbf, K3
Row 32-40        K15
Row 41             K11, kbf, K3
Row 42-50        K16
Row 51             K12, kbf, K3
Row 52-60        K17
Row 61             K13, kbf, K3
Row 62-68        K18
Row 69             K14, kbf, K3
Row 70-76        K19
Row 77             K15, kbf, K3
Row 78-84        K20
Row 85             K16, kbf, K3
Row 86-90        K21
Row 91             K17, kbf, K3
Row 92-96        K22
Row 97             K18, kbf, K3
Row 98-102      K23
Row 103           K19, kbf, K3
Row 104-106   K24
Row 107           K5, YO, K15, kbf, K3
Row 108-110    K26
Row 111           K22, kbf, K3
Row 112           K27
Row 113           K23, kbf, K3
Row 114           K28
Row 115           K24, kbf, K3
Row 116           K29
Row 117           BO all stitches and weave in both tails.

Wrap your knitted cowl around your neck, with straight side up, and pointy tip down, and overlap both ends in such a way that is perfect for you. Notice where the buttonhole is placed over the bottom end part, mark it and sew in that spot your chosen button.


This hat is same as the one in the image above, and is unisex


CO 50 sts on long knitting needles

Row 1             *[K1, P1]* - repeat from * to *, move stitches onto 3 DPNs (as evenly as possible), do                         not twist the knit while you are connecting it into a circle and start knitting in the                                 round
Rnd 2-12         *[K1, P1]* - repeat from * to *
Rnd 13-14       P50
Rnd 15-18       K50
Rnd 19           *[K8, k2tog]* - 5x
Rnd 20           *[K7, k2tog]* - 5x
Rnd 21           *[K6, k2tog]* - 5x
Rnd 22           *[K5, k2tog]* - 5x
Rnd 23           *[K4, k2tog]* - 5x
Rnd 24           *[K3, k2tog]* - 5x
Rnd 25           *[K2, k2tog]* - 5x
Rnd 26           *[K1, k2tog]* - 5x

BO by pulling last knitted stitch through all remaining stitches. Weave in all ends.


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