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My Mom's Old Fashioned Scarf

When I was a child, my mom used to make scarves for my siblings and me. These scarves' one end would go through an opening on the other end that my mom made while knitting our scarves. That way we would not lose them.
Today I would like to share with you my mom's design (which was very popular then) for such a scarf. I also made videos for knitters (for lefties and righties - see below) who prefer to knit along. The pattern can be adjusted by simply changing stitches to lower or higher number when increasing or decreasing, and knitting the middle part shorter or longer than I described it below and in my videos. I used worsted (#4) yarn, but you may knit this scarf from thinner or thicker yarn as well - then you will have to adjust a number of increases and decreases, and a number of rows in the middle as well.
To knit this scarf, you need to know: how to cast on, knit, purl, knit two together, increase, transfer stitches from one needle onto two needles and then back, and how to bind off.



Yarn - any yarn of medium weight (#4, worsted) - your choice;
In the video I am using: Cascade Yarns, Cascade 220, worsted weight #4, 100g/3.5 oz; 220 yds/200 m; Colors: #1 - 9559 (light gray), #2 - 8505 (white)
Knitting Needles - US #8 (5.00 mm): 3 long DPNs (minimum 8" or longer; three 10" would be better) OR 2-3 circular needles (EITHER one 30"+ long, plus one 16"long, OR three 9" to 16" circulars)

CO - cast on
K - knit
P - purl
st, sts - stitch, stitches
WS - wrong side
RS - right side
incr - increase; insert your needle purlwise through the back loop, knit it, don't take the stitch off the needle yet, knit the same stitch regular way, only then take the stitch off the needle - you increased by 1 stitch
K1-ptbl - knit one stitch purlwise through the back loop
K2tog - knit two stitches together
BO - bind off

My gauge corresponds to a manufacturer's gauge on the yarn label

Length: 33"
Width: 7"


Yarn color #1 (gray)

Working with two long DPNs, OR one long 30" circular (knitting back and forth with each end), OR two shorter circular (using them the same way as DPNs)  CO 4 sts

Row 1          (WS) K4

Row 2          (RS) incr, K to end
Row 3          (WS) incr, K to end

repeat Rows 2 & 3 as many times as you need, I increased my stitches in each row until I had total 32 stitches on my needles

Row 30       (RS) K32
Row 31       (WS) K32

Repeat Rows 30 & 31 as many times as you need. For my width of 32 stitches, I knitted total 16 rows (half of 32 sts), which means I finished with Row 45.

  • OPENING #1
Before you will continue knitting do this first:
While you have your 32 (or your desired even number of stitches, that can be divided by two into another even number) stitches on your needle take either two DPNs, OR two shorter circulars, OR the other end of your long circular and one short circular and transfer stitches from the one needle onto two needles in alternating fashion - first transfer one stitch onto needle #1, then transfer the second stitch onto needle #2 and repeat to end. You should end up with 16 sts on needle #1 and 16 sts on needle #2

Knit stitches on needle #1, the one closer to your body, first:
Row 46     (RS) *[K1, P1]* - to end
Row 47     (WS) *[K1, P1]* - to end

Repeat Rows 46 & 47 nine more times, until you are finished with Row 65, then fasten off the yarn while keeping a tail long about 8"-10"

Fold the first knitted piece forward toward your body, then knit stitches on needle #2, the one further away from your body, starting on the same side as you started when you were working with needle #1, second:
Row 46     (RS) *[K1, P1]* - to end
Row 47     (WS) *[K1, P1]* - to end

Repeat Rows 46 & 47 seven more times, until you are finished with Row 65, DO NOT fasten off the yarn

Transfer stitches in the alternating fashion from two needles onto just one needle as such: starting with the back needle #2 move your first stitch onto the single knitting needle, then take the first stitch from needle #1 and move it onto the same single knitting needle - repeat until you have all 32 stitches back on one knitting needle only.

Note: if you knit this scarf with only one color yarn, knit as many rows as needed to wrap around your neck. My middle part measures 14.5".

This is how I knitted my middle panel:

Row 66              combine tail from the knitting needle #1 and the yarn from the knitting needle #2 and K all stitches to end (with combo tail/yarn you will knit only a few stitches, then continue with yarn only - this will eliminate weaving in the ends)
Row 67-105       K32

Color #2 (white)
Row 106-113    K32

Yarn color #1 (gray)
Row 114-121    K32

Color #2 (white)
Row 122-125    K32

Yarn color #1 (gray)
Row 126-129    K32

Color #2 (white)

Row 130-137    K32

Yarn color #1 (gray)
Row 138-145    K32

Color #2 (white, from now on till end)
Row 146-185    K32

  • OPENING #2
In Rows 186 through 205 repeat knitting this opening same way as in Opening #1 - separation of your stitches onto 2 knitting needles, then knit side #1, then side #2, then put these two sides back together onto one knitting needle only.

Continue working as such:

Row 206-221   K32

Row 222          (RS) K1-ptbl, K2tog, K to end
Row 223          (WS) K1-ptbl, K2tog, K to end

Repeat Rows 222 and 223 until you have 4 sts on your needle.

In your last row BO all your stitches. Then weave in all the tails/ends.


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