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Felted Slippers For Men and Women - Backory z Plstene Vlny Pro Muze i Zeny

The other day I was going through my closets and I found one sweater I made several years ago for my husband, which he was not wearing anymore. It had a hole in it. It was made from 100% wool, which gave me an idea to felt it and make slippers for my DH. I washed it with towels on hot and when I took it out from the washer I was amazed how small it got - instead of a grown man nearly 6 ft tall it would fit a four year old kid now. I let it dry naturally. I still had some leftovers from my last felt pot holder making so I used that along with my blue shrunk sweater. First I cut out shapes for slippers - for left and right feet. I used his other slippers for my pattern. In the image you can see blue and gray cut outs for soles - that is because I wanted to double it, or make it thicker. Then I used decorative stitch to sew the slippers together. An extra care needs to be taken while sewing pieces together. You may want to pin pieces together if you are not skilled.

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