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Introduction To Crocheted Sweater "Foggy Dawn" Using Openwork Granny Squares Plus Attaching Squares

  Some of the granny squares used in this project
I get a lot of requests to demonstrate knitting or crocheting items. My wonderful crafters send me images, but often I cannot fulfill their wishes due to copyright issues. If I choose to work on the project, I have to redesign the idea, knit/crochet, videotape, edit the video, take images and edit them, upload, share and answer questions on social media, etc.
Large projects can take up to 2-3 months to finish, small projects 2-7 days. It would take less time if I had a team. Unfortunately, I do not have funds to pay people for their work to help me satisfy all the requests.

However, occasionally I work on a request because I like an idea or an image/inspiration. Sometimes I find errors in patterns, so I fix them, then write changes down and publish them.

While working on "Foggy Dawn Sweater" I altered a couple of granny squares, and I also designed other granny squares so readers (and video viewers) would have plenty to chose from while creating their own personalized sweater.
All squares should be pretty much the same size. Use any combination of granny squares you'd love to have in the sweater.

I used four (slightly different) colors as in the image, which my friend Maureen sent me, but you may choose to make this sweater from only one color. Or two. Or, you could use a variegated yarn or even a multicolor yarn.

The inspirational image for my project that my friend would love to make.
After I searched the internet I found this image published HERE

If you do not want to make a sweater, you can use granny squares to make a vest or a blanket.
I used sport weight yarn (#3) and each square's side is about 6".

See a detailed video tutorial of my introduction to this project and a process of attaching the squares together (one, two and three sides) - see links below. 



Visit this page again in the near future to see links to several posts with granny squares, which I'll publish as I edit each of the completed square at a later date - at the moment I am trying to "catch" those pesky errors while filming "how to crochet" squares.
Also, be aware, that each square has to be attached as soon as you are finishing its last "edge row" - except the first square, which needs to be finished in its entirety. You cannot make these squares ahead of time unless you decide to "sew them together" instead of "crocheting them together" (as I do in my videos).

Here is a diagram of my project, that may help you visualize the process of attaching the squares.

Granny Squares - approx. 6"
Sweater - medium size, but you can build your size with as many squares as needed


Yarn - Loops & Threads; Snuggly Wuggly; 100% acrylic; weight light (sport) #3; 446 yards/408m; 5 oz/141g
Hook - F/5 (3.75mm)
Yarn needle


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Note: Most of the time I work as fast as I can to keep up with knitting and crocheting requests. I have to videotape, edit videos, then convert them & upload them to my channel. After that often I post on my blog patterns. I answer many questions, which means that often I work up to 16 hours a day. I would tremendously appreciate IF anyone of you who finds an error in the written pattern, so please, let me know - where (what rows) and what may be the problem. Many future knitters & crocheters from our artsy and crafty virtual world will thank you for your good deed, including myself.