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Knitted Mary Jane Slippers >>> Pletene Boticky "Mary Jane's"

I always wanted to knit Mary Jane's, little booties. And I finally did. And I made a video of me knitting them, which has 5 parts due to time limitation by YouTube at that time. It is a great project and I hope it will help anyone, who would love to know how to knit these little booties for. Booties like this make a great gift for a newborn baby. See all 5 videos from start to finish while you knit along. You can stop and rewind anytime.
There is something missing in the video - how to sew a button on the booties. But that is not that hard, right?

First video "How to knit baby booties Part 1/5" helps you to understand how to make a buckle of the Mary Jane booties.

Second video "How to knit baby booties Part 2/5" helps you with knitting the heel for the booties.

Third video "How to knit baby booties Part 3/5" continues with knitting the heel and sides.

Fourth video "How to knit baby booties Part 4/5" is about how to taper the tip of the booties.

And finally fifth video "How to knit baby booties Part 5/5" shows you how to crochet the edge around the booties.