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Crocheted Snowflakes For Christmas Tree >>> Hackovane Vlocky na Vanocni Stromecek

The other day I was crocheting snowflakes again. Just like last year around this time. I wanted to create simple, yet beautiful snowflakes. I  took a hook (number 7 = 1.65mm) and my white jumbo size cotton crochet thread and started creating. My husband made us fire, and that made me feel kind of festive and creative. These snowflakes I made out of my head - perhaps there are some like these elsewhere on the net, or maybe similar ones, but I assure you that these I created with my own imagination listening to cracking of our fire sipping my favorite tea. Hopefully these images will inspire you and unleash your creativity, too. Happy snowflake making!

Pred par dny jsem se zase pustila do hackovani vlocek. Vzala jsem 1.65mm hacek a velike klubko hackovaci prize a zacala jsem tvorit. Manzel udelal ohen v krbu, a ja jsem citila ze jsou vanoce za rohem a hned mne ovladly inspiracni napady. Tyto vlocky jsou delane z moji vlastni hlavy, mozna jsou nekde na netu stejne nebo podobne fotografie, ale ujistuji vas,z e tyto vlocky jsou hackovane podle me imaginace. Tak treba vas budu inspirovat. Preji vam vsem prijemne tvoreni vlocek.