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Crochet Earrings For Beginners >>> Hackovane Nausnice Pro Zacatecniky

  • Metallic Crochet Thread #10
  • Hook #7
  • 2 Twelve mm Split Rings
  • 2 Earrings Hooks
  • Scissors

YO - yarn over
SC - single crochet
DC - double crochet
ch - chain

Step-by-step instructions:

Insert each earring hook into the each split ring. You will work on each earring one at a time.

1. Insert your crochet hook into the split ring (with the earring hook end pointing away from your body - to establish front of the earring), YO, pull through, YO, pull through the loop, ch1, [insert crochet hook through the opening in the split ring, YO, pull through, YO, pull through both loops - this is single crochet] - repeat 17 more times (total 18 SC),  and sl. st. to connect the circle.

Note: keep the end of a thread around the ring so that you crochet SCs around both. This way you will not have to clean this end thread and the earring will not come undone.

2. Ch5, SC into third stitch - repeat 5 more times - instead of last SC make sl. st. To connect into the circle

3. Insert hook into the first loop of a flower and make [2 SC, 1 DC, ch2, 1 DC, 2 SC] - repeat on each loop, secure the end with last sl. st., cut off thread and weave the end into the flower to prevent it from coming apart.

4. Repeat steps 1. - 3. for second earring.

Note: If the flower stands away from the earring's hook too much, use a thread and sew (attach) the flower to the hook and weave the ends into the flower so they do not show or untie.

Now you have a nice hand made gift for someone special. Enjoy.


  • metalicka hackovaci bavlna stredne silna
  • Hacek 1.65 mm
  • dva 12 mm krouzky dvojite
  • dva nausnicove hacky
  • nuzky


navleknete na kazdy krouzek nausnicove hacky.

1. Nez zacnete pracovat otocte krouzek s nausnicovym hackem tak, aby konec hacku smeroval od vaseho tela - je treba si uvedomit kde bude lic nausnice. Pichnete hackem do krouzku a provleknete bavlnu, pak uhackujte retizek, znovu pichnete do prostred krouzku, provliknete bavlnu, nahodite bavlnu a opet provlikente = kratky sloupek. Tento kratky sloupek opakujete jeste 17x (celkem 18 kr. sl), zakoncete spojovacim retiskem.

Poznamka: pocatecni konec bavlny obhackujte spolecne s krouzkem. Nebudete muset zacistovat konec a nausnice se vam nerozmota.

2. 5 ret. ok, kr. sl do tretiho ocka - opakovat 5x - misto posledniho kr. sl. uhackujte pouze spojovaci retize

3. Vpichnete hacek do prvniho oblousku a uhackujete [2 kr. sl, 1 dl. sl, 2 ret. ocka, 1 dl. sl., 2 kr. sl] - opakovat na kazdem obloucku a zakoncete spojovacim ockem. ustrihnete a zacistete konec aby se vam kvetinka nerozmotala.

4. Opakujte krok 1. - 3. aby jste vyrobili druhou nausnici.

Nyni mate zajimavy rucne vyrobeny darecek pro nekoho, koho mate radi a kdo ma rad rucne vyrobene darky.