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Simple Knitted Booties/Slippers For Baby >>> Jednoduche Pletene Backurky Pro Batole

I am becoming quite an expert in knitting baby booties (or if you prefer word "slippers") for children. I actually sold some during Christmas time, gave away couple as a gift and people do marvel at the shape and design I make. I already had few requests for my pattern. Although I usually knit these booties with a design (the image on the left) which calls for two or more different yarn colors, the pattern described in this post is basic, kept simple, and is written for the use of only ONE color (see the image below) so even the advanced beginner can make these booties/slippers. I also created a video (it has 2 parts), which you can see below.

Note: If you want these slippers bigger (wider/longer) just add couple of stitches and/or rows. Then you would have more stitches for the top part (rows 40-43) and/or you would repeat steps in rows 44 and 45 few more times (if you add two rows - one more time; if you add 4 rows - 2 more times....etc).

This pattern is for a continental knitting.

  • 5 double pointed knitting needles size #3 - I use smaller knitting needles than required to create firmer/denser feel to the booties/slippers
  • For these booties I used RED HEART yarn (worsted medium #4) - blue color
  • Crochet hook to to help you to cast on around the sides of the booties (optional) and/or to weave in ends (if you leave your ends long you can also use needle)
  • Scissors to cut of any remaining ends


Booties are 3 and 1/2 inches long and 2 inches wide

  • CO - cast on
  • K - knit
  • P - purl
  • PSSO - pass slipped stitch over (= do not knit/purl your last stitch, just slip it from your left needle onto your right needle)
  • inc KBF - increase by knitting 2 stitches from one stitch by knitting first in back then in front of the same stitch
  • dec - decrease
  • K2tog - knit 2 stitches together
  • P2tog - purl 2 stitches together
  • BO - bind off

Step-by-step instructions:

sole of your bootie

1. CO 8 stitches
2. K 7, PSSO
3. K1, inc KBF, K4, inc KBF, PSSO (you have total 10 stitches on your knitting needle)
4. - 31. K9, PSSO
32. K1, dec by K2tog, K4, dec by K2tog, PSSO
33. K1, dec by K2tog, K2, dec by K2tog, PSSO
34. K6 (this is your front of the bootie/slipper)

perimeter of your bootie

35. CO on three knitting needles:
- starting on a side, insert a different knitting needle  into each stitch on the first side and pull through (you may use crochet hook and transfer these stitches onto your needle to make your knitting easier) , you should have total 16 stitches;
- continue in the same manner on the heel area using a third knitting needle - total 7 stitches (one less then you cast-ed on);
- and at last with your fourth knitting needle (or use hook) continue casting again on the other side of the bootie, total 16 stitches,
- use your fifth knitting needle to K6 (front/tip of the bootie)
36. - 39. K45 in each row (total 4 rows)

Below is a video (Part 1) of how to knit sole and perimeter of your bootie

top of your bootie

40. K39, P6, and then P1 from the other (side) knitting needle, turn
41. PSSO, K6, K1 from the other (side) knitting needle (total 8 stitches on front), turn
42. PSSO, P8, P1 from the other (side) knitting  needle, turn
43. PSSO, K6, K1 from the other (side) knitting  needle (total 10 stitches on front), turn

from now on you will maintain 10 stitches on the FRONT knitting needle while knitting top of your bootie this way:

44. PSSO, K8, while having one stitch on your left needle psso from the side knitting needle to your left needle and K2tog-left slant (insert needle from right side to create the left slant) these two stitches, turn
45. PSSO, P8, while having one stitch on your left needle psso from the side knitting needle to the left needle and P2tog these two stitches, turn
46.  - 53. repeat/alternate rows  44. and 45. - or until you have 6 stitches left on each "side" needle, 7 on the "heel" needle and 10 on "front" needle (note: if you want smaller opening you can repeat 44. and 45. one or two more times)

the ankle area

54. K35, then pick up a yarn with right knitting needle (between knitting needles where side connects with front), place that yarn on left needle (front needle) and K2tog, K9 and then continue with 14 more rows
55. - 68. K
69. BO and "clean up" your loose ends

Below is a video (Part 2) of how to knit top of a bootie and ankle area