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How To Knit A Moss Stitch With Odd Number Of Stitches

See my VIDEO which will show to any beginner knitter how to knit a so called "moss stitch" with odd number of stitches.

If you want to use this stitch for a simple scarf, I would recommend to you to work with an odd number of stitches - it can be about 21 stitches for a scarf that is not too wide and which will still cover up your neck in the cold winter time. However if you prefer a wider scarf, then you can cast on 25, 29 or even 35 stitches. Also the thickness of your yarn will play a very important role. Just try couple of rows, you can always take it apart and start all over again, until your width is perfect. See this post with a free scarf pattern, where I used a moss stitch.

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