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Slouchy Beanie Hat For Teenager

My daughter asked me to make her a slouchy beanie hat that she could wear to look cool. I took her to my stash and had her pick a yarn. She likes blue color and of course, she picked a blue yarn - a wool/cotton/nylon blend. It is fairly thin, sock like, yarn. Fairly soft. Yesterday I finished the hat and it had been a hit among the youngsters. She got many questions "Where you got the hat?" Teenagers are pretty picky if it comes to fashions, so I am happy that there was a great response from the teen community  because that means that my work was not wasted and the hat will be worn all the time now.

If you would like this pattern send me a message with your contact via contact on the left below the menu and I will send you this FREE .pdf pattern. This hat for fall, winter and spring is quite easy to knit, however it is a fairly thin yarn, so get ready for many stitches. But, it is well worth it if you're young adult chooses a nice yarn. I bought my yarn from Elann when it was on sale.