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Knitted Multicolored Scarf For Men

Recently, a gentleman saw my multicolored scarf (see this post) and requested me to knit it. I could use what ever yarn I wanted. I told him I have a lot of leftovers from previous projects at home and that I will keep the color scheme "manly".
As I was knitting it I fell in love with the colors and the texture of the scarf. Secretly, I was hoping I could keep it. However, a promise is a promise and I had to deliver my job.

Prior to knitting this scarf, I crocheted a hat for myself (as seen in a couple of images), which would look great with the scarf. Well, I will have to make another scarf to go with my hat, as this one is taken.

The scarf is very simple to make (you can request or download free pattern), but it is quite time consuming when it comes to all those loose ends.

When knitting this scarf, I used 8 different colors - black by Vanna White yarn; brown, taupe and off white by Bernat (Berella); and four different colors (brown, blue, gray and green base) of Bernat Galaxy Nouveau yarn. I casted on 18 stitches this time and just knitted every single row until I thought is is long enough. I alternated shades/textures of each yarn starting and stopping in various places, making sure it is visually balanced. To make it unique, use brands/colors/textures of your choice.

The gentleman is loving his scarf.

Black shade by Vanna White yarn; and 3 different shades by Bernat

4 different shades by Bernat Galaxy Nouveau

Loose ends before crocheting them into chains

Finished knitted scarf (along with my crocheted hat)