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Knitted Barbie Doll Vest - Free Pattern

Often, I am working on several projects at the same time (I get idea in my head and I have to start it immediately, sigh.....), and this vest was one of my postponed projects. I wanted to finish my Barbie doll two-piece outfit for about a week now. But it didn't happen until today.
In May I posted a free pattern for Barbie doll skirt here. The vest in this post goes with that skirt and is finally finished.

It is easy to do. It is a very straight forward knit. You'll have it done in no time. May your little sunshine enjoy playing with her doll.
leftover sock yarn (#1 or #2 thickness)
knitting needles (or 2 double pointed needles) #4
3 buttons
crochet hook #D

CO - cast on
K - knit
P - purl
st(s) - stitches
RS - right side
WS - wrong side
YO - yarn over
K2tog - knit two together
BO - bind off

Step-by-Step Directions

Row 1         CO 20 sts
Row 2-17    K20
Row 18       (RS) K7, (Note: you will work on next several stitches like you would be making one row button hole - which will be your arm opening) move yarn to the front of the knit, slip next (8th) st  from left needle onto right needle purl-wise and move yarn to the back, then slip 9th st from left needle onto right needle and pass your 8th stitch from right needle over 9th stitch you just slipped from left needle; then slip 10th st from left needle onto right needle and pass over your 9th st; do this 2 more times (with 11th and 12th sts); place the last st you worked on back on your left needle and turn your knit around to work on WS; you need to bring the yarn to the back and then cable CO 5 sts, turn your knit around onto RS, move the yarn into the back, and slip the first stitch from left needle onto right needle, and at last pass the "5th cable CO st" over the slipped stitch and finish knitting K8 sts (you should have 20 sts on your needle)
Row 19-43    K20
Row 44          same as Row 18
Row 45-55     K20
Row 56          K6, YO, K2tog, K2, YO, K2tog, K2, YO, K2tog, K4 (Note: in this row the three YOs will be your button holes)
Row 57-59     K20
Row 60          BO - do not cut off the yarn - use reverse single crochet stitch to crochet around the perimeter of the knit with your hook. Weave all the ends in and sew on small buttons.

Below are images of few steps while I was knitting the vest:

Arm opening - First I slipped and passed over 4 stitches

Here I moved the last passed over stitch onto the left needle

Here I turned my knit so it would face me with wrong side

Here I placed yarn to the back of my knit

Here I cable casted on 5 stitches

Finishing - I did reversed single crochet stitches to make edge more exciting

Happy knitting and crocheting. Enjoy.