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Hat With Snowflake Design For Toddler - Free Pattern

In 2011 I made a hat for an American Girl Doll. Those were also times when I was learning (though, I am still learning) how to write patterns in English. This AGD hat pattern is a free pattern on Ravelry.

The other day one lady had written a really nice note - how she made the hat for a doll and how wonderful it is and "would you please be so kind and make a pattern for a toddler with head circumference 18"-19"?"

So, I had to download my own pattern, because I could not find it in my own files, LOL. And when I was going over it, oh my, oh my - I realized it needs to be updated. Wow. I do write my patterns much better now :-)

Well, my hat for a toddler (see below) is a little over 16" around and it will stretch up to 19". The hat's height measures 8" unrolled, but it is designed to roll up so it will end up 6.5" tall. Now the initial doll hat has a picot around "the brim". When I crocheted an edge around this hat, it looked too tall. So below you will find two versions of the same hat - one with crocheted edge, the other without. I also videotaped making this hat, so in the near future I will update this post with links to the video.

Of course I do want to thank all of you that you are wonderful and share my blog, videos, images.... enjoy and happy knitting (or crocheting).

Circumference: 16.5" (can stretch to 19")

Yarn - any yarn of worsted thickness (#4 medium), that uses US #7 needles and J hook (two colors, 1 skein of blue color #1, 1/4 skein of white color #2)
Needles - long and double pointed needles and/or circular needles - size US #7
Hook - I used "G" hook for the edge
Yarn needle (optional)

CO - cast on
K - knit
Kblu - knit blue color
Kw - knit white color
DPN - double pointed needles
sts - stitches
K2tog - knit 2 stitches together
K2togTBL - knit 2 stitches together through the back loop
BO - bind off by pulling through remaining stitches


CO 72 sts with main color #1

Row 1           K72, then distribute stitches evenly among 4 DPNs (18 sts on each DPN), connect into circle (make sure stitches are not twisted)
Rnd 2-10       K72; in the last (10th) row add markers every 9 sts

Each snowflake is worked among 9 sts (8 repeats = 8 snowflakes) - use both colors for this section

Rnd 11       *[Kblu2, Kw1, Kblue4, Kw1, Kblu1]* - 8x
Rnd 12       *[Kblu3, Kw1, Kblu2, Kw1, Kblu2]* - 8x
Rnd 13       *[Kblu4, Kw2, Kblu3]* - 8x
Rnd 14       *[Kblu2, Kw6, Kblu1]* - 8x
Rnd 15       *[Kblu4, Kw2, Kblu3]* - 8x
Rnd 16       *[Kblu3, Kw1, Kblue2, Kw1, Kblu2]* - 8x
Rnd 17       *[Kblu2, Kw1, Kblue4, Kw1, Kblu1]* - 8x

  • If you are knitting a hat with white picot edge (see finishing the picot edge at the end of this pattern):
Rnd 18-31  K72

  • If you are knitting a hat with rolled up brim:
Rnd 18-37   K72

Finishing - decreasing for the top:

Distribute stitches among 3 DPNs (24 sts each needle). If you are working on circular needles put 1 marker after every 24 sts. When there are fewer sts you may have to move them onto DPNs.

Rnd 32(or 38)    *[K2tog, K20, K2togTBL]* - 3x
Rnd 33(or 39)    *[K2tog, K18, K2togTBL]* - 3x
Rnd 34(or 40)    *[K2tog, K16, K2togTBL]* - 3x
Rnd 35(or 41)    *[K2tog, K14, K2togTBL]* - 3x
Rnd 36(or 42)    *[K2tog, K12, K2togTBL]* - 3x
Rnd 37(or 43)    *[K2tog, K10, K2togTBL]* - 3x
Rnd 38(or 44)    *[K2tog, K8, K2togTBL]* - 3x
Rnd 39(or 45)    *[K2tog, K6, K2togTBL]* - 3x
Rnd 40(or 46)    *[K2tog, K4, K2togTBL]* - 3x
Rnd 41(or 47)    *[K2tog, K2, K2togTBL]* - 3x
Rnd 42(or 48)    *[K2tog,  K2togTBL]* - 3x

BO by pulling the yarn through all six stitches and then crochet about 6" long string of  chains. Make tassel and attach it to the end of the string.

Finishing the hat with white picot edge: 
Row 1         crochet 1 sc into each stitch around the edge of the hat (= 72 single crochets), join
Row 2         ch1, *[4 sc, ch3, sl st into last sc]* - repeat to end

BO and weave all your ends in.