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Knitted Diaper Cover For A Newborn - Free Written Pattern and Video

Not too long ago, I worked on a video "how to knit a diaper cover", aka soakers, for a newborn.

One of my YouTube viewers would rather follow a written pattern, so I decided to take a little bit of time from my busy schedule and do it for all the knitters that would like to see it written as well.

If you do not mind following videos - HERE is the link to my YouTube Channel with many different flix. If you prefer patterns, feel free to browse through my blog.

Here are the DIAPER COVER video links for LEFTIES, and video for RIGHTIES.

And CLICK HERE for another diaper cover "Holy Guacamole" knitted with thick cotton yarn.


super bulky yarn (#6), and corresponding knitting needles (9mm), 2 buttons, scissors, sewing needle


Foundation - CO 16
Row 1-4           K1, *(K1, P1)* - repeat, K1 last st

Row 5 (A)        K16
Row 6 (B)        K4, P8, K4

Repeat Row 5 (or in video Row A) and Row 6 (= Row B)11x total

Row 27            K4, m1R, K8, m1L, K4
Row 28            K4, m1R and purl it, P10, m1R and purl it, K4
Row 29            K4, m1R, K12, m1L, K4
Row 30            K4, m1R and purl it, P14, m1R and purl it, K4

Row 31            K4, m1R, K16, m1L, K4
Row 32            K4, P18, K4
Row 33            K4, m1R, K18, m1L, K4
Row 34            K4, P20, K4
Row 35            K4, m1R, K20, m1L, K4
Row 36            K4, P22, K4
Row 37            K4, m1R, K22, m1L, K4
Row 38            K4, P24, K4

Row 39            K32
Row 40            K4, P24, K4
Row 41            K32
Row 42            K4, P24, K4

Row 43            K4, m1R, K24, m1L, K4
Row 44            K4, P26, K4
Row 45            K34
Row 46            K4, P26, K4

Row 47-48       K1, *(K1, P1)* - repeat, K1 last st
Row 49            K2, YO, K2tog, *(K1, P1)* - repeat until last 4 sts, P2tog, YO, P1, K1
Row 50            K1, *(K1, P1)* - repeat, K1 last st

Row 51            BO


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