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Knitting Art

The Guardian seems to like my sculpture :-)
I bet many of you never knew you could knit with paper :-)

I submitted my sculpture to the GUARDIAN (an on line newspaper) and they published it on their pages - "Living 4 Art & Knitting" - yeeey. I know, many of you will think "what the heck is this?".  But hey, I have a vivid imagination :-)

A while ago,  I took an art class on "Sculpture". We were supposed to do self portrait with cardboard paper. I decided to incorporate several techniques - sculpting with cardboard, painting, collage, and my yarn skills. It was laborious work, but I got so immersed that I didn't even noticed the time go by. I could create for hours and hours...
I cut out my pieces - head and arms - glue them together. Decided to give me a voice by attaching a huge tongue (I can be loud at times). I made me  some nice curly hair, and batty eyes, then dressed myself in a knitted sweater, splashed my hands and "body" with paint (that's my art side) and finally knitted half the scarf from paper and attached it to my hands.
Sometime I still wish I would be working on it. Perhaps I should make me my husband :-)

Now you can see it on, which accepted my photo submission. And here it is on a separate page.

Viva knitting and crochet!

Screen shot of my sculpture (the image on the right)