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Red Black Furry Shrug

A shrug or a scarf, or even a hat (can be seen in my video)
Not too long ago I treated myself to a very furry Italian yarn. It was on sale, so I splurged.

This Jaeger yarn is made up of an equal combination of wool and kid mohair with a polyamide thread holding these precious "eyelash like" strands together. Although, one have to be careful while knitting each stitch because those short wooly pieces woven into polyamide threads can be deceiving. However, this yarn knits quick. You can have a shrug, or a scarf, in one or two days. That is if you knit with a very bulky yarn. If you decide to use a less bulky yarn, you will have to alter the pattern written below. You can use my graph (also below) to do a mathematical calculations of your stitches and rows. Also, keep in mind that your knitting may take a bit longer. Also you could do few more increases and consequently also decreases for longer back.

And of course, I have videos to go with this pattern as well. If you are a right-handed knitter, click HERE; and if you are a left-handed knitter, click HERE.

Of course, since I most of the time I have to work as fast as I can, to keep up with the requests, I would appreciate if any of you find a mistake in the written pattern, please, to let me know - where (what rows) and what is the problem. Many future knitters & crocheters from our artsy and crafty virtual world will thank you for your good deed.

If anyone of you finds any error - let me know by clicking HERE, and will fix it as soon as I get to it. You can PM me on my FB Page HERE. Txs!

  • 2 balls of Jaeger "FUR" Yarn 47% Wool, 47% Kid Mohair, 6% Polyamide; 22 yds (20 m); 1.75 oz (50 gr), color "Red"
  • 5 balls of Jaeger "FUR" Yarn 47% Wool, 47% Kid Mohair, 6% Polyamide; 22 yds (20 m); 1.75 oz (50 gr), color "Black"
  • Knitting needles US #15 (10mm) - pattern calls for double pointed, but you can use circular needles instead
  • Scissors
  • yarn needle (for thin yarn) to perform Kitchener stitch 

Gouge (stockinette stitch):

1"x1" = approximately 2 sts x 2.25 rows


CO - cast on
K - knit
P - purl
m1 - make 1 st into the stitch below the next stitch (then continue knitting next st in the regular manner)
K2tog - knit two together

st(s) - stitch(es)

The graph for knitting shrug sideways - from sleeve to sleeve

Step-by-Step Directions

Foundation: CO 20 stitches


Row 1-6          K20

Row 7             K20
Row 8             P20

Repeat Rows 7 & 8 seven more times (total 16 rows, including Rows 7 & 8)


Row 23          K20
Row 24          P20

Repeat Rows 23 & 24 - fourteen more times (total 30 rows, including Rows 23 & 24)

Row 53          K1, m1, K18, m1, K1 - PM in this row (total 22 sts)
Row 54          P22
Row 55          K22
Row 56          P22
Row 57          K22
Row 58          P22

Row 59          K1, m1, K20, m1, K1 - PM in this row (total 24 sts)
Row 60          P24
Row 61          K24
Row 62          P24
Row 63          K24
Row 64          P24

Row 65          K1, m1, K22, m1, K1 - PM in this row (total 26 sts)
Row 66          P26

Row 67          K26
Row 68          P26

Repeat Rows 67 & 68 - sixteen more times (total 36 rows, counting from Row 65)

Row 101        K1, K2tog, K20, K2tog, K1 - PM in this row (total 24 sts)
Row 102        P24
Row 103        K24
Row 104        P24
Row 105        K24
Row 106        P24

Row 107        K1, K2tog, K18, K2tog, K1 - PM in this row (total 22 sts)
Row 108        P22
Row 109        K22
Row 110        P22
Row 111        K22
Row 112        P22

Row 113        K1, K2tog, K16, K2tog, K1 - PM in this row (total 220 sts)
Row 114        P20

Row 115        K20
Row 116        P20

Repeat Rows 115 & 116 twelve more times (total 30 rows, counting from Row 113)


Row 143        K20
Row 144        P20

Repeat Row 143 & 144 seven more times (total 16 rows, including Rows 143 & 144)

Row 159-164 K20
Row 165        BO all sts

Fold  your knit lengthwise in half and sew the sleeves along the side to the second marker from each end of the sleeve - leaving back part open. Weave in all the tails.

If you find any errors, please let me know - click HERE


See my many videos on my YouTube Channel HERE (you can load more videos at the bottom of my channel page)

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