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1 Pattern - 2 Knitted Triangular Scarves

Triangular Scarf For Fall   
There are many easy projects for knitting, and this triangular scarf is one of them. It is knitted sideways.
First, you have "grow" stitches toward one side only, and then you have to "reduce" these stitches back to form the narrow tip at the end. Most of the triangular scarves that are knitted sideways get an increase every other row. I am tall, my arms are long, and I didn't want scarf short in length and long in width (see the image below). That is why I decided to increase every third row - to make my scarf longer in length and slightly shorter in width (or height).
Feel free to use yarn of your choice. If you use a thicker yarn, you will knit slightly longer scarf in width (or height), but a thinner yarn will yield a scarf narrower while you will maintain the same length of your scarf. I knitted two scarves that have the same length, 36 inches, but because I knitted one scarf with worsted yarn (#4), and one with sport yarn (#3), the scarf knitted with thinner yarn is narrower. If you watch my video (links are below), you can see this difference.


Enjoy and spread the love of knitting and crocheting.

Materials (if you shop on-line via my affiliated links below, I would get few pennies, which would help to fund my future projects TXS):
Michaels on line store, OR Hobby Lobby, OR Jo-Ann Fabrics, OR Walmart 

Yarn - your choice (for Winter scarf I used THIS worsted yarn in antique white and light blue colors; and for Fall scarf I used 2 balls of Noro Taiyo Sport yarn, cotton/silk/wool blend; 100g/349yds.)
Knitting Needles - size #8 (5mm)
Yarn Needle (for weaving in the tail)


One size fits all, but length & width will depend on your choice of yarn, size of the needles, and rows knitted before you will start decreasing. Increases/Decreases will also determine how many stitches you will maintain on your knitting needles, thus the width/height of the finished project may vary from scarf to scarf.

CO - cast on
EDGE - knit 2 sts
K - knit
pm - place marker
mm - move marker from one knitting needle onto the other
YO - yarn over
K3tog - knit 3 stitches together
BO - bind off

Scarves & Graph - to enlarge click on the image

Step-by-Step Directions:

CO 4 stitches and knit 2 rows


Row 1          EDGE, pm; YO (after the marker), K to end
Row 2          K all sts
Row 3          K all sts
Row 4          K all the way to marker, YO (before the marker), mm, EDGE
Row 5          K all sts
Row 6          K all sts

Repeat these 6 rows until you reach 1/2 of your scarf's desired length (about 30"-40")


Row 1          EDGE, mm; YO (after the marker), K to end
Row 2          K all way to 4 sts before the marker, K3tog, K1 (= YO from prev. row), mm, EDGE
Row 3          K all sts
Row 4          K all the way to marker, YO (before the marker), mm, EDGE
Row 5          EDGE, mm, K1 (= YO from prev. row), K3tog, K to end
Row 6          K all sts

Keep decreasing by repeating these 6 rows until you have 3 sts on your needles and then knit your three last stitches together. Weave in both tails.

Triangular Scarf For Winter Made From Thicker (Worsted) Yarn


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