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Green Hat With Pom-poms For A Baby

Before Sandy hit East Coast I thought "if we loose a power, I will have time to knit". I could not believe how wrong I was. I realized it when four huge trees fell down into our driveway. I put my knitting skills aside and turned  into a lumberjack. Well, almost. I helped my husband to clear the driveway, so we could get our car out of our garage. I didn't have to use a chainsaw though, my dear husband did.

After a couple of days we were both tired from a heavy labor, and that is when I said "enough", and sat down to knit a couple of items. Here is one: a baby hat that I "knitted" first in my head, while I dragged the cut up wood to the side of the road :-)

The hat is not that difficult - if you know how to knit on double pointed needles, if you can do purl and knit stitches, and if you can make pom-poms, you can certainly knit this hat.

The hat is 14 inches in diameter, but can stretch 2-3 inches wider, so it would be good for a newborn up to about 4-6 months old baby. It is made from Lion Brand Yarn "Jiffy". this yarn is soft and slightly fuzzy. It is acrylic, so any baby that is allergic to wool should be fine. If you would like to make a hat from wool, then choose a wool of a similar thickness. Of course you can chose color of your choice. The hat has a nice textured look.

This hat is available for a purchase via Paypal for $3.00
As soon as I receive the payment I will send you .pdf patern 

If you are a Ravelry fan, you can also purchase it through Ravelry by clicking a button below

Happy knitting :-)