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Crocheted Pointy Hat For Adult With Earflaps

This hat is for an adult size head. If your head is about 21" it will be just a tad big, but you could still get away with this size, I would say the hat would be best for about 23" head (circumference). If you like your hat smaller then you would need to crochet 1-17 (or 18) rows for the body of the hat. Then of course you would crochet 8 (or 4) sts less around the edge of the hat. You can also experiment with two or more colors. Enjoy.

Loops & Threads “Impecable” (4.5 oz)
Hook size #F (3.75mm)
Tapestry needle

Adult, 21"+ circumference
ch - chain
st(s) - stitch(es)
sc - single crochet
dc - double crochet
sl st(s) - slip stitch(es)


Body of the hat 

Row1      ch79 (leave a long tail for sewing or crocheting the back of the hat)

Row2      start at 4th chain (first three chains will act as dc), then crochet 75 dc

Row3-19 ch3, 75 dc

Fold your crocheted rectangle in half and sew (with tapestry needle) or slip stitch the side using the long tail. Then continue to crochet around the bottom (that will be your neck area) – for each dc stitch make 2 sc stitches (as described in row 1 below)

Edge of the hat

Row1      ch1, 62 sc, then 3 sc into corner st (increase), 75 sc around the front edge, finish with 3 sts into the corner

Row2      (start new row without any chain st = crochet in the circle fashion), 10 sc, *(1 single decrease over 2 sts, 1 sc)* - repeat from * to * total 14x; 10 sc; at the corner 2 sc into each next 3 sts (increase); 75 sc, 2 sc into each next 3 sts (increase)

Row3      18 sc, *(1 single decrease over 2 sts, 1 sc)* - repeat from * to * total 4x; 18 sc; then 6 sc at the corner, 75 sc, 6 sc at another corner

Row4-6    sc all around for about 3 more rows (or more if needed) and finish with a couple sl sts

Attach braids to the ear flaps.