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Steely-White Slouchy Hat - Free Pattern

Slouchy Hat
Awhile ago I bought a couple of skeins of Pastry yarn by Artful Yarns. The other day I was going through my stash (my husband rolls his eyes when he sees my yarns - what can I tell you when I look at a yarn I picture what I want to make from it, and off it goes home with me LOL) and I decided that it is time to make a hat from that skein. I was trying to use a couple of lacy patterns while knitting, but it was not coming out well. I took it apart about three times, sigh.

So, off I went back to my stash and pulled out another cotton yarn "Sugar n' Cream" in white color. And decided that alternating stripes will look the best. I think that two rows of the textured steely color was very nicely paired with one row of the "smooth" white one. I like the outcome. And do I need to tell you that it is fairly easy to knit?

This Pastry cotton yarn is kind of "drape-y" (it drapes well), so it is perfect for slouchy hats, IMHO.

This pattern is only for personal use. You can sell the hat(s) if you will knit it using this pattern. And YES, you can share it with your knitter friends and if you make any items using my patterns, do not hesitate to share your FOs (finished objects). 

Enjoy, and I wish you all happy knitting :-)

This stripe-y hat is knitted with two blue and one white alternating rows

This hat measures 18" around (circumference), but could fit even 22" head
The height of this hat is 10"

  • 1 skein of a cotton yarn steel blue color Pastry by Artful Yarns)
  • 1 skein of cotton yarn in white color Sugar 'n Cream by Lily
  • long knitting needles size #10
  • double pointed needles size #10 
  • hook size #G
  • scissors

2" x 2" = 11 rows x 8 sts

BC - blue colored yarn
WC - white colored yarn
CO - cast on
K - knit
DPN - double pointed needles
st(s) - stitch(es)
pm - place marker
YO - yarn over
K2tog - knit two stitches together (right slant decrease)
BO - bind off

Side view of the "Slouchy"

Step-by-Step directions:

Start with BC

CO 64 sts. on long knitting needles

Row1         *[K2, P2]* - repeat from * to *,  then distribute the sts along your DPNs and without twisting your knit connect it into a circle
Rnd 2-6     *[K2, P2]* - repeat from * to *

Rnd 7-8      (BC) K64
Rnd 9         (WC) K64

Repeat Rnds 7-9  thirteen more times

Rnd 49      (BC) K64
Rnd 50      (BC) *[K2tog]* - repeat from * to * (decrease by 1/2, total 32 st)
Rnd 51      (WC) K32
Rnd 52-53 (BC)  K32
Rnd 54      (WC) K32
Rnd 55      (BC)  K32
Rnd 56      (BC)  *[K2tog]* - repeat from * to * (decrease by 1/2, total 16 st)
Rnd 60      (WC) K16
Rnd 61      (BC) K16
Rnd 62      (BC)  *[K2tog]* - repeat from * to * (decrease by 1/2, total 8 st)

BO by using a hook - pull last knitted stitch through all 15 stitches and secure with a slip stitch. Weave in all the ends.