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Simple Slouchy Hat - Free Pattern And Video

I was approached (via internet) by one of my subscribers to do a knit along video of me knitting a slouchy hat. I could not do it right away, because my summer was very busy. I thought about the project for about two weeks  and finally two days ago I was able pick a yarn from my stash, gather all my materials, set up all my equipment for recording, sit down, and video tape while I was having fun knitting. Today I finished taping. Which means that all my videotaped material had to be transferred from video card into my computer, opened in the editing program, edited (cut out the stuff that would make video too long), then saved as mp4, and finally uploaded to Youtube. And here I am now writing the pattern for this "Slouchy Hat".

Click HERE to see knit along video.

To knit this hat you need to know how to:
  • cast on (CO)
  • do a knit stitch (K)
  • do a purl stitch (P)
  • knit two stitches together (K2tog)
  • use a crochet hook 
  • and preferably know how to knit on double pointed needles 
If you cannot knit on double pointed needles then circular needles will do.

DPN - double pointed needles
CO - cast on
st(s) - stitch(es)
K - knit stitch
P - purl stitch
K2tog - knit two stitches together
BO - bind off

Materials used:
Yarn: 1 skein of Lion Brand, Vanna's Choice (Denim), 145 yards - or any other yarn medium #4 thickness; few yards of white acrylic yarn medium size #4,
Double pointed needles, size #8, and size #9
Hook #F


4"x4" = 15 sts x 23 rows (per Lion Brand 16 sts x 22 rows)

Step-by-Step Instructions:

White yarn:
CO 80 sts on DPN size #8
Row 1          K80, then distribute all sts among 4 DPNs (each will have 20 sts) and connect into circle without twisting your knit

Denim Yarn:
Rnd 2          P80
Rnd 3          K80
Rnd 4          P80
Rnd 5          K80
Rnd 6          P80
Rnd 7          K80
Rnd 8          P80; then move all the stitches onto DPN size #9
Rnd 9-58     K80
Rnd 59        *[K2tog, K]* - repeat from * to * entire row
Rnd 60-62   K53
Rnd 63        *[K2tog]* - repeat from * to * entire row until last st, then K1
Rnd 64-66   K27
Rnd 67       *[K2tog]* - repeat from * to * entire row until last st, then K1
Rnd 68       BO by pulling yarn with a hook through all remaining sts, ch2 to secure the stitch

Weave in all tails/ends. Enjoy.

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