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Chicken Placemat For Kids - Spring Is Coming....

A crocheted chicken placemat for kids
I am very tired of this winter. I decided to make myself feel "Spring-y" - I crocheted a chicken placemat for a child... I know that Spring is coming... yes it is.... almost here.... just around the corner... soon....

If you want to make yourself feel cheery too, and if you would like to crochet this placemat (or just how I do it), CLICK ON THIS LINK to crochet along my YouTube video.

If you are Left-Handed then CLICK ON THIS LINK

My other "chicken videos" are HERE

And, if you want to browse nearly 100 of my videos in my "HandMadeRukodelky" YouTube Channel then click HERE.

Have a great time making stuff along my videos (or just watching them). I know I do :-)

Two days later and I received images of two different chickens made by two fabulous fiber artists - click here to see. Keep'em coming :-)

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