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Knitting Project - Baby Jumper

Baby Jumper - knitting a leg part (see video tutorial)
I have been working on several projects at the same time. Recently I finished my three video tutorials for each -  right-handed and left handed crocheters:

Click on the links above to see these videos OR click on the these 2 links to see my "Granny Squares Video Playlist - 4 righties"  or "Granny Squares Video Playlist - 4 lefties" with several granny squares videos that I posted in my YouTube Channel.

Today I would like to tell you about my newest video (for lefties and righties) that I just posted on YouTube. This video will teach you a new pattern for a baby jumper and how to start knitting a leg part. So, if you are an advanced knitter and you have or know a baby that is three months old you may want to watch this video and perhaps knit along. I am demonstrating my knitting in both - Continental and English style ways.

Here are links to my compiled videos in PLAYLIST:



And lastly - as I am working on the "baby jumper video",  I am also filming "how to crochet girl's summer dress", "how to knit bralette like blouse" and "a very simple brioche baby hat" as well. Plus I would like to "turn my crocheted Victorian Granny Squares into a long vest".

So, stay tuned for more videos that you can knit or crochet along with me. Thank you for your support and happy knitting and crocheting.