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"Summer Rain" Halter Top

My family and I (understand my dear husband and daughter, and my 2 feisty Jack Russell Terriers Toyen and Yoda) visited beautiful Emerald Isle this Summer. Our family really needed it.
I brought knitting with me - a halter top I started for my daughter in the winter that I never finished; plus a second project (a garter stitch baby overalls - simpler than the BABY JUMPER in my LATEST VIDEO I videotaped for both, righties and lefties) - just in case I wouldn't have anything else to do when everyone is relaxing after a walk around nearby towns on a hot day, or after time spent at the peaceful, but windy beach.

When I was researching the area on "Google Maps", I noticed that there is a "Salty Sheep Yarn Shop" in Swansboro. On one of our local trips I my family and I drove to this town. My husband and daughter enjoyed sitting on a comfy couch while I browsed this yarn store on West Church Street. I totally enjoyed being surrounded by so many skeins of fabulous yarns, and of course, I had to spend few dollars there. Would you expect me to do otherwise? After all I supported our economy. But I will write about that later.

After I came "home" from the store, I decided to finish the halter top. However,  I miscalculated the size of the top, so when I was finished, it fit me instead of my daughter. Now she has to wait for her tank top that I will knit from the yarn she picked at the "Salty Sheep Yarn Shop".
And me? I have to do many sit ups, because my belly just doesn't look good while wearing this top.
(FYI - I sucked my belly in as much as possible, so it looks good in the pictures 😂 ).

Below is free pattern for the "Summer Rain" halter top. Enjoy. Happy knitting.

Medium - about 30" around the rib cage (below the chest), 15" top to bottom in the front, 5" top to bottom in the back.

Yarn: Worsted (#4 weight) - I used 2 balls of Classic Elite Yarns, Verde Collection, Seedling, color 4575 - Summer Rain, 50 g, 110 yd, organic cotton, machine wash on cold gentle cycle
Knitting Needles: 5.00 mm
Hook: 3.50 mm

Gauge (2k/2p ribbing):
4" x 4" = 14 sts x 21 rows

CO - cast on
K - knit
P - purl
K2tog - knit 2 stitches together
P2tog - purl 2 stitches together
ssk - slip, slip, knit two stitches together
BO - bind of
ch - chain
sc - single crochet
st, sts - stitch, stitches



Foundation - CO 60 sts
For pattern work K2/P2 ribbing

Row 1-30          work ribbing: *[K2, P2]* - repeat to end
Row 31              BO all stitches.

Note: For short halter top I knitted 30 rows, if you want your halter top longer add more rows (ie 40, or 50, or 60....)
Leave a long tail for either sewing (or crocheting) both pieces together.


Foundation - use a very long tail to CO 60 sts (this long tail will be used for sewing or crocheting front and back together)

Row 1-30           same as "BACK PART"

Note: For short halter top back I knitted 30 rows, if you want your halter top longer add more rows  - your front rows must correspond with your back rows.

Row 31              BO 2 sts, work ribbing to end (total 58 sts)
Row 32              BO 2 sts, work ribbing to end (total 56 sts)
Row 33              BO 1 sts, work ribbing to end (total 55 sts)
Row 34              BO 1 sts, work ribbing to end (total 54 sts)
Row 35              BO 1 sts, work ribbing to end (total 53 sts)
Row 36              BO 1 sts, work ribbing to end (total 52 sts)

Row 37              work ribbing
Row 38              work ribbing
Row 39              work ribbing
Row 40              work ribbing
Row 41              BO 1 sts, work ribbing to end (total 51 sts)
Row 42              BO 1 sts, work ribbing to end (total 50  sts)

Work Rows 37 through 42 - until you have 36 sts on your needle (you should end up with total 84 rows). Then BO all sts. Do not cut your yarn off - you will use your uncut yarn to finish your top.

Note: For short "halter top" front I knitted 30 rows, then continued shaping the rest of the top. If you want your halter top longer add more rows  (ie 40, or 50, or 60....)

Crochet or sew sides of both pieces together.


Starting at your corner, where is your last BO stitch (1), crochet about 70 chain sts as your foundation. Then skip one chain stitch and make 1 sc into each chain stitch - this will be your first strap (2). When you get back to your corner where you started, continue making sc sts all along the edge of the halter top - distribute stitches evenly (3), (4), (5). When you get to the next corner of your front piece, crochet again 70 chain sts (6), and again crochet 1 sc st into each chain st on the way back to the corner (7). Then continue crocheting 1 sc st into each st along the top edge of your front part (8) finishing at the start (1). Fasten off and weave in all the tails.


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