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A Painting For Fundraiser - Obraz Pro Dobrocinne Ucely

Our Regional Orchestra is very well run by dedicated parents and board members. As the parent of the child who is a member of this particular orchestra, I am happy that it is not too expensive for our pocket. We do pay a fee for having children in the Orchestra, but we, parents, help to raise more money by having fund-raising events as well. One of them is a big Garden Party with silent auction every June. Before students play classical pieces for people, everyone can have hors d'oeuvres and purchase donated items. I love that because I can create something, donate it and someone generous usually purchases my items to decorate their home with it or as a gift for family or friends. Last year one of my several items was a painting you see in this blog. It is now hanging on someone's wall and making them happy. I hope.

Nase dcera hraje v okresnim orchestru, za ktery platime rocni poplatek. Nastesti castka neni vysoka, diky tomu, jak se rodice a vedeni stara o tento orchestr. Kazdym rokem totiz rodice studentu daruji ruzne objekty, ktere se prodavaji tesne pred Letnim Koncertem. Koncert je v krasnem zahradnim prostredni jedne restaurace. Zatimco navstevnici konzumuji svoje chutne predkrmy, tak se zaroven prochazeji kolem darovanych objektu, ktere si mohou koupit bud pro sebe, nebo jako darek pro nekoho z rodiny, ci pratele. Jednim z darku, ktere jsem venovala, byl mnou namalovany obraz. Nyni nekomu visi na stene a dela mu radost. Ja tedy doufam.