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Finger Puppet "Chicken" >>> Manasek "Slepicka" Na Prst

Many of you saw my puppet "Doggie" on my blog already. But Easter is coming up soon, and my girlfriend is throwing a party for several families with children. I decided to make few "Chicken" finger puppets and give them to all of the attending children. So I better get to work.

I decided to make this finger puppet in the simplest way. With the use of my imagination I envisioned just simple straight tube and rounded at the top for head. Then add the comb, the beak and eyes.

Yellow yarn (a body)
Red Yarn (a beak and a comb)
Black Yarn (or beads for the eyes)
double pointed needles

CO - cast on
st(s) - stitch(es)
DPN - double pointed needles
K - knit
P - purl
K2tog - knit two stitches together
BO bind off
sl st - slip stitch

Step-by-Step Directions:

Row 1          CO 16 sts
Rnd 2          *[K1, P1]* - repeat; then divide stitches between 3 DPNs (such as 5+5+6) and connect into a circle without twisting the knit
Rnd 3-5      *[K1, P1]* - repeat
Rnd 6-32     K16 (if your finger is long knit few more rows )
Rnd 33        *[K2tog]* - repeat (you decreased to 8 sts)
Rnd 34        *[K2tog]* - repeat (you decreased to 4 sts)
Rnd 35        BO with a hook - pull last knitted stitch through all 3 remaining sts, secure with a last sl st

Make a beak, eyes and comb - see video HERE
You can also watch the video how I knitted the body HERE

Mnoho z vas jiz zna meho manaska "Hafika". A ponevadz se blizi Velikonoce, kamaradka me pozvala na jijich oslavu. Vim, ze u ni doma bude hodne deti, tak jsem se rozhodla pro kazde dite vyrobit manaska "Slepicku" jako maly darecek. No nemam na to moc casu, Velikonoce jsou za dvermi a bude tam deti jako smeti.


Abych to stihla do Velikonoc, tak jsem si v hlave naplanovala uplest slepicu co nejjednoduzsim zpusobem. Tj. "trubici" a zakoncit to dokulata jako vrh hlavy, pak prihackovat hrebinek, zobacek a ocicka.

1. Pleteme na 4 jehlicich. Nahodit 16 ocek.
2. Zacneme plest hladce-obratce. Pri pleteni rozdelime ocka mezi tri jehlice na 6+4+6 ocek a ctvrtou jehlici pleteme. Spojime do kruhu - pozor at se vam jehlice neprekrouti..
3. Hladce obratce jeste 3-4 rady
4. Pote 16-20 rad hladce (zalezi na delce prstu)

5. Posledni dve rady spleteme vzdy dve ocka dohromady az zustanou 4 ocka, ktere protahneme hackem do jednoho ocka a uhackujeme jeste jedno ocko a protahneme dovnitr budouciho manasku.
6. Prosim, shlednete video (na videu se pracuje), jak dokoncit manaska uhackovanim hrebinku, ocicek a zobacku.