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Yellow Chick - Decoration or Toy? >>> Zlute Kuratko - Decorace nebo Hracka?

Do you remember the good old days? Those days, when people used to make their own decorations and toys, which would be cherished and carried on as a family heirloom? Especially heirlooms that were timely to make, were (and still are) passed onto our next generation. However, the industrialization changed much of our artistic and craft making habits. People now spend their hard earn money on machine made stuff, which many times does not last long and is usually thrown out because of poor quality. If we stop making things for ourselves and for our family, we will not be able to pass on any heirlooms anymore.

Here is one that was passed down in Eastern Europe when I used to live there. It could be cherished either as a toy for a child, but mainly it was used as a decoration for the Easter egg. My husband came up even with another use - to "decorate" your soft boiled egg and keep it warm before you sit down to eat it. Of course, you need to put it over an unbroken (shelled) cooked egg. I think that is a great idea.

ATTENTION - new update in this post - free pattern and video