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Yellow Crocheted Chicken - Free Pattern

A while ago I posted a crocheted chicken on my page of this blog. There was a lady who asked me for the pattern. I knew it will take many hours (actually days) of my commitment, so I could not get to this project sooner.

Finally I found the time and after several days of videotaping, editing video, writing the pattern, taking images, editing images, saving all my material into different files (.wma, .doc, .pdf, .jpeg) and uploading to my YOUTUBE CHANNEL  and other accounts (G+, Facebook, here and Ravelry, too), I have a package of written pattern and a about 30 minutes long video that you can follow to make similar chick.

Brown (or black), yellow and red yarn of your choice (thicker yarn will lead to a bigger chick; thinner yarn will lead to a smaller chick) Hook – recommended for the type of the yarn

I used worsted yarn, medium #4, and hook 5mm.

 Watch the video HERE.
Are you on Ravelry?  Then download the free pattern now.