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How To Crochet A Puff Or Cluster Stitch

I have been knitting and crocheting for quite some time, but only until recently (about three years ago) I started to learn knitting and crochet terminology, so I could share my knitting and crochet outcomes and experiences. I found two translations for a stitch that is called "pecička" (petsichka, which actually means a little seed) in my language. In English it can be a cluster stitch (more general expression) or a puff stitch. I found several types of cluster stitches on line and in literature - a puff stitch is one of them, along with others. Many people interchange these two expressions.
I also found out that people understand the cluster stitches in different ways, which is not exactly how I would think should be. So in THIS VIDEO is my take on a puff/cluster stitch - how each of the puffs, in the image to the left, is done.

And here is a post with a free pattern of a chick, where I used the stitch.