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Our Christmas Tree With Hand Made Decorations >>> Nas Stromecek S Hackovanymi Ozdobami

While all my friends were busy getting ready for their holidays in the past two weeks, I was getting well in bed. A really strong virus visited my body and didn't want to let go.

Today we finally got to decorate our Christmas tree - although I am not completely healthy yet. But Christmas is around the corner, and I cannot picture holidays without a Christmas tree. 

This year, for decorations we used blue lights (I adore them with white decorations) and all my crocheted ornaments. When we were finished, I stepped back to look at our tree and I thought - "how nicely it turned out". It is simple (just blue and white). 

Also, what I very much like is that our tree is "organic". It means that all my crocheted ornaments are biodegradable. They are made of cotton thread. Not that I plan to toss the ornaments out. I will store them in the box for later years. In the future, if needed, I can wash them and starch them again and they will look like new. And if I treat them right, they will never break. Another bonus is that I can store them in a couple of small boxes.

If you like my tree, see some of the ornaments in posts under "crochet".

Happy Holidays (any Holidays that you celebrate) and Prosperous and Healthy 2012 Year.