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Knitted Crown For Little Girls On Double Pointed Needles

Once upon a time there lived a beautiful princess. Her mom loved to knit. One day her mommy came across a very nice looking headband while searching for knitting ideas. She thought: "Hmmm... My little princess would like that very much." She searched some more until she found a free pattern. However, the pattern had few errors. As she was knitting she struggled a little. She decided to re-write the pattern to her liking and to change the edge of the crown a little. When she finished knitting the crown she gave it to her little girl. The princess jumped with joy and wore the beautiful platinum crown all the time. She even wore it to a bed at night. Her mommy decided to share the updated pattern on her blog. The end.

OK. OK. Enough of this fairy-tale. Here is more info :-)
I used Lion Brand, Vanna's Glamour in platinum color, but you can use any other yarn brand of your choice. Also if you'd use thicker yarn and higher sized needles the headband would get slightly bigger and taller.

I think this a great way to keep your girl's ears warm on a windy spring day and at the same time have your princess (or even a prince) looking stylish. It makes a great gift, too.

Read my other post about using thicker yarn HERE, or you can watch my video HERE.

If you have hard time knitting on circular, or double pointed needles (DPNs), check out my post where I wrote another pattern of this crown for knitters who use only straight knitting needles. CLICK HERE to see the post.

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Materials (if you shop via affiliated links below you could help fund my projects TXS):
 Michaels on line store, OR Hobby Lobby, OR Jo-Ann Fabrics, OR Walmart
1 skein of yarn - fine weight #2 or #3
long needles size #5, circular needles size #5, OR five double pointed needles #5
yarn needle for weaving in the ends

K - knit
P - purl
s2k - slip two stitches knit-wise (one at a time) from your right needle to your left needle
p2sso - pass two slipped stitches off your right needle over your knitted stitch (decrease by 2 stitches)
pm - place marker onto your right needle
sm - slip marker from left needle onto your right needle
YO - yarn over
BO - bind off

circumference of my knitted crown measures 13.5", and is 2.5" tall at the highest point

Step-by-step Instructions:

We work on multiple of 18 sts.

Row 1 - CO 126 sts
Row 2 - *[K8, s2k, K1, p2sso, K7, pm]* - repeat from * to * six more times (total 7 points) - join without twisting the knit, Note: if you are using circular needles use magic loop, if you are using DPNs distribute stitches evenly
Row 3 - *[P7, s2k, K1, p2sso, P6, sm]* - repeat from * to * six more times
Row 4 - *[K6, s2k, K1, p2sso, K5, sm]* - repeat from * to * six more times
Row 5 - *[P5, s2k, K1, p2sso, P4, sm]* - repeat from * to * six more times
Row 6 - K all sts
Row 7 - *[K1, YO, K3, s2k, K1, p2sso, K3, YO, sm] - repeat from * to * six more times
Row 8 - K all sts
Row 9 - *[K2, YO, K2, s2k, K1, p2sso, K2, YO, K1, sm] - repeat from * to * six more times
Row 10 - K all sts
Row 11 - *[K3, YO, K1, s2k, K1, p2sso, K1, YO, K2, sm] - repeat from * to * six more times
Row 12 - K all sts
Row 13 - *[K4, YO, s2k, K1, p2sso, YO, K3, sm] - repeat from * to * six more times
Row 14-15 - P all sts
Row 16-17 - K all sts
Row 18-19 - P all sts
Row 20 - BO (loosely) all sts

Note: for Rows 14 through 20 you can remove all markers.

Weave in your ends.