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Pumpkin Hat - Free Knit Pattern

Pumpkin Hat worn by American Girl Doll
There are many pumpkin crochet and knit patterns for hats, but I wanted to think of my own version. I wanted my pumpkin hat to look like semi-irregular pumpkin. Just like it grows in the nature. I achieved it with knitting regular beanie hat and crocheting ridges into it - in a perfectly "imperfect" way. First I made my prototype, and then I videotaped knitting my second version (see link below). Since it was a prototype I made it for an 18" doll, such as American Girl Doll. Although the hat is slightly bigger on my doll it could be worn by a tiny newborn also.

Now, I am working on a quick video version for a small child. So stay tuned.

If you want to knit this hat you need to know hot to: cast on, knit stitch, purl stitch, knit 2 together, knit back front = increase (kbf), bind off, and crochet a chain.

If you would like to knit along with my VIDEO and you are a RIGHTIE - then CLICK HERE.
LEFTIES, please CLICK HERE. Otherwise, see my free pattern below.

Pumpkin Hat worn by "newborn" (doll)

  • Yarn - approx. 70 yds of worsted #4; I used Red Heart, Super Saver, acrylic yarn, orange color;
    about 20 (?) yards of worsted #4; I used leftover acrylic yarn, black color; few yards of worsted #4; I used leftover acrylic yarn, green color
    Note: All my yarns were same thickness 
  • Long Knitting Needles - size #10 (6 mm)
  • Double Pointed needles - size #10 (6 mm)
  • Optional - Circular needles - size #10 (6 mm)
  • Hook/Yarn Needle for weaving in the ends

CO - cast on
K - knit
P - purl
DPN - double pointed needles
kbf - increase by knitting first into back of the stitch then immediately into the front of the same stitch
k2tog - knit two stitches together
BO - bind off

Height - 7"
Width - 18"

2" x 2" = 8 sts x 11 rows


CO 42 sts (use long knitting needles, or circular needles)

Black color yarn

Row 1              *[K1, P1]* - repeat from * to *; then move stitches on 3 DPNs (14 sts each DPN), do                            not twist the knit while you are connecting it into a circle, and start knitting in the                                round (Note: If you started on circular needles, no need to transfer stitches)
Rnd 2-6            *[K1, P1]* - repeat from * to *
Rnd 7               *[K2, kbf]* - repeat from * to * (total 56 sts)

Orange color yarn

Rnd 8-27            K56
Rnd 28               *[K2, k2tog]* - repeat from * to * (total 42 sts)
Rnd 29-30          K42
Rnd 31               *[K1, k2tog]* - repeat from * to * (total 28 sts)

Green color yarn

Rnd 32-33          K28
Rnd 34               *[k2tog]* - repeat from * to * (total 14 sts)
Rnd 35               *[k2tog]* - repeat from * to * (total 7 sts)
Rnd 36-41          K7; then BO by pulling your last stitch through all remaining stitches


Using black color yarn, crochet five chains (evenly separated around the perimeter) in a straight line starting at the black edge (your ribbing) toward the green stem (top of your hat) stopping at the green edge. Make one chain stitch every 3-4 rows so you create gathered (bunched up) effect on your hat, which will give you a pumpkin look. Please see my video how I did it. You could do this effect also with a backstitch using a yarn needle and a yarn.

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