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Earthly Cowl And Hat 4 Adults (Unisex)

You can button your cowl in 2 different ways
I love earthy colors. I think it is because they are neutral and I can pair them with other colors quite well. And these yellow-brown to red-brown shades are very appealing to me.

When I bought this rich multi-brown (and bulky) yarn, I had on my mind another simple hat and scarf that could be knitted in less than a day.

The hat has a regular "knit one/purl one" tall ribbing, and then 3 knit rows alternate with 2 purl rows three times before the top of the hat gets decreased. If it is knitted in neutral dark colors it could be made for a gentleman too. The style is simple and definitely unisex.
The cowl is knitted using another pattern but still a very simple "knit/purl" kind. Although both sides are different, still each of them could be used as the right side - and that is a beauty of this stitch pattern. I get very excited if I find a purl-knit stitch pattern that can be reversible, such as the one in my cowl. It is called a "broken rib stitch" pattern.

So, if you are a novice in knitting, but you have a good finger dexterity for handling either double pointed needles and/or are good in knitting in the round with circular needles, if you know how to knit "knit and purl" stitches, if you know how to do 2 types of decreases (k2tog, and ssk), and of course, if you know how to cast on and bind off, you will be able to tackle this project possibly in less than one day.

I videotaped knitting the scarf, but didn't have a chance to edit the video yet. But check out my YouTube Channel for other projects.
If you do not need my video help - then what is holding you back? Go and make someone, preferably yourself, happy. Sit down and knit. Enjoy this free "hat and cowl" pattern. And if you are my follower/fan on YouTube, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SHARING MY VIDEOS!

Cheers, enjoy your holidays and happy New Year 2016!

4" x 4" = 9 sts x 12 rows (stockinette)

Cowl Size:
Length - 29" (*if you don't have a neck like a swan make it little longer by knitting few extra rows)
Width - 7"

Hat Size:
Circumference: 18+"
Height: 8"

Yarn - 2 balls of Super Bulky #6; I used Lion Brand, Wool Ease, Thick & Quick; 106 yrd/97 m; 6 oz/170 g; color "Sequoia" - one ball for a hat and one ball for a cowl
Long Knitting Needles - size #13 (9 mm)
Double pointed needles (or circular needles) - size #13 (9 mm)
4 Buttons - 1" diameter
Sewing needle
Hook or Yarn needle for weaving in the ends

CO - cast on
K - knit
P - purl
YO - yarn over
k2tog - knit two stitches together
ssk - slip slip & then knit two stitches together through the back loop
sts - stitches
DPN - double pointed needles
BO - bind off


Front of the cowl with 4 buttons


Foundation - CO 17 (19, 21) sts

Row 1               K17 (19, 21)
Row 2               *[K1, P1]* - repeat from * to * until last st, then K1
Row 3               K2, YO, k2tog, K9 (11, 13), ssk, YO, K2
Row 4               same as Row 2

Row 5-20         Alternate Row 1 and Row 2 until you have 20 rows in total = knit all odd rows same way as Row 1 and knit all even rows same way as Row 2

Row 21             same as Row 3
Row 22             same as Row 2

Row 23-94       Alternate Row 1 and Row 2 until you have total 94 rows = knit all odd rows same way as Row 1 and knit all even rows same way as Row 2 (*see a note about length above)

Row 95           BO all stitches and weave in both tails.

Sew in all your 4 buttons (on the "bumpy" side) - make sure they are lined up with the button holes.

Right side (but could be a wrong side too)

Wrong side (but could be a right side too)

In the images above you can see that you could use either side as the right side. Your choice.



CO 44 sts on long knitting needles (For men you may want to add few more sts)

Row 1            *[K1, P1]* - repeat from * to *, move stitches onto 3 DPNs (as evenly as possible), do
                       not twist the knit while you are connecting it into a circle and start knitting in the round
Rnd 2-12         *[K1, P1]* - repeat from * to *
Rnd 13-14       P44
Rnd 15-17       K44
Rnd 18-19       P44
Rnd 20-22       K44
Rnd 23-24       P44
Rnd 25-27       K44
Rnd 28            *[k2tog]* - repeat from * to *, (total 22 sts)
Rnd 29-31       K22
Rnd 32            *[k2tog]* - repeat from * to *, (total 11 sts)
Rnd 33-34       K11
Rnd 35            *[k2tog]* - repeat from * to * four more times(total 5x), K1 (total 6 sts)
Rnd 36            BO by pulling last knitted stitch through all remaining stitches. Weave in all ends.

If you find any errors, please let me know - click HERE


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