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Simple Crocheted Headband

Almost a year ago I videotaped my simplest crocheted headband I came up with in one of my AHA moments (you can click HERE for the video). I knew it will be a really great and very easy project for beginner crocheters, which in turn will encourage them to keep crocheting more projects. You know - you start really small projects and a year later you are crocheting (or knitting) more complex items. And as many of you know it is great for your brain and excellent calming medicine. Today I had someone ask me in the post under the video if I have a written pattern. Which I didn't. Soooooo, I decided to write one quick post, while one of my new knit along videos is uploading (if interested, you can visit my Youtube Channel).

So here we go - the simple headband:


  • any yarn you want
  • hook that is recommended by manufacturer
  • ponytail elastic
  • scissors
  • needle (optional)

First make a slip knot, then insert the slip knot into an the elastic and start row 

Row 1     make ch1 around the elastic and then one more ch; make 6 sc sts around the elastic, turn
Row 2     make ch3, skip 2 sts and make cluster: [2 dc into 3rd st, ch1, 2dc into same st], 1 dc into                  ch at the end, turn
Row 3    ch3, then cluster into ch from previous cluster, 1 dc at the end into ch3 

Repeat Row 3 as many times as needed


When you have desired length (including elastic) fold headband in half, make last stitch longer by pulling it higher, turn the headband so the elastic is facing you, place the long stitch into the elastic, then insert the hook back into the stitch, make ch1, then continue crocheting through the stitches from previous row and around the elastic - make 6 sc (= one sc into each st). When finished, cut off your yarn and weave in all the ends.