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Knitted Poncho Shrug

Easy Poncho Shrug
I believe that many of you saw a lot of different knitted or crocheted ponchos and shrugs in magazines, books, and these days even on-line. But have you ever thought about knitting (or crocheting) a combination of both? They are quite popular these days. In front (or on one side) it looks like a poncho, but in the back (or the other side) it looks like a shrug.

In today's post, I will introduce you to my newest idea, how to knit an easy "Poncho Shrug." It is easy because you use only knit stitch and few simple increases on one side only. Nothing elaborate. The beauty lays in the knit being knitted on thick knitting needles. All you will need is about 310+ yards of yarn (depending on your size), large size knitting needles, hook or yarn needle and scissors. And in a couple of days you will have an outfit that you can wear over your bikini on the beach, or over the tank top to a restaurant and still look fashionable. Especially, if you make it from a fancy yarn purchased on sale, just like I did.

First, draw a rectangle on the paper similar to mine (see below), then measure yourself from your neck across the shoulder down your arm to your elbow/or below the elbow (depending on how low over your arms you want your shrug to be). Then hold your arms at your sides and measure yourself around the chest and arms combined. Write down the measurements (purple arrows in my graph). If you do not want your Poncho Shrug fitted, add a couple of inches to your chest/arms length.

Next cast on about 20 stitches and knit a sample 4" long. Figure out how many stitches and how many rows fit into 1". Multiply your measurements (width and length) with stitches and rows that fit into 1." When I knitted about 1/2 of my length, I started to increase on one side every ten rows. The side with more stitches will be wider at the end, and when you sew the sides together, your opening for the head will not be too large. See written pattern below.

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Materials I used:
Noro, Kibou; weight - varies (combination of #3 and #4); 54% Cotton, 34% wool, 12% silk; 100g/270m; 3.52 oz/295 yds; or any yarn of your choice, OR similar yarn that varies in thickness
Knitting needles - 10mm
Hook - 5mm
Yarn needle (optional)

CO - cast on
K - knit
P - purl
m1 - make 1 st into the stitch below the next stitch (then continue knitting next st in a regular manner)
K2tog - knit two together

st(s) - stitch(es)

will vary on a type of yarn and needles you will use, but my gauge is 4"x4" = 7 sts x 12 rows; if you will have a different gauge, you will have to use different number of stitches and rows

Step-by-Step Directions:

Foundation: CO 44 stitches


Row 1-76               K44
Row 77                  K1, incr, K43 (total 45 sts)
Row 78-86             K45
Row 87                  K1, incr, K44 (total 46 sts)
Row 88-96             K46
Row 97                  K1, incr, K45 (total 47 sts)
Row 98-106          K47
Row 107               K1, incr, K46 (total 48 sts)
Row 108-116        K48
Row 117               K1, incr, K47 (total 49 sts)
Row 118-126        K49
Row 127               K1, incr, K48 (total 50 sts)
Row 128-136        K50
Row 137               K1, incr, K49 (total 51 sts)
Row 138-146        K51
Row 147               K1, incr, K50 (total 52 sts)
Row 148-162        K52
Row 163               BO all stitches


Fold the rectangle diagonally and sew or crochet bind off side to a long side starting in the corner of a short side -  for a reference see the image of a graph, or my video - see above.

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Note: Most of the time I work as fast as I can to keep up with knitting and crocheting requests. I have to videotape, edit videos, then convert them & upload them to my channel. After that often I post on my blog patterns. I answer many questions, which means that often I work up to 16 hours a day. I would tremendously appreciate IF anyone of you who finds an error in the written pattern, so please, let me know - where (what rows) and what may be the problem. Many future knitters & crocheters from our artsy and crafty virtual world will thank you for your good deed, including myself.