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Simple Crocheted Bracelet With Pearl Beads - Part 1

I decided to work on a "Bracelet Project" per one of my requests awhile back (can't keep up LOL), which was actually a fun one for me, and hopefully, it will be for you too. I am quite excited about my idea because I am building this design like kids build their wooden blocks. 
  • What I mean by that is that in this "Part 1" post we'll crochet just a very basic bracelet band, where we will incorporate pearl beads. At this point anyone can wear the bracelet as is when finished.
  • Then in my next blog post, I will be building it up, which will be "Easy Crocheted Bracelet With Pearl Beads - Part 2". Although it will look more complex, it will be still easy to crochet even for seasoned beginners. And again, with few added rows it will be wearable when finished.
  • And at last in Part 3, I will take these rows from Part 1 and Part 2 to even a higher level and make the final bracelet more elaborate with a lacy feel to it by adding again few more rows.
I finished PART 2 only so far - CLICK HERE FOR PATTERN & VIDEO

RIGHTIES - to see a video of "Simple Crocheted Bracelet - Part 1" - CLICK HERE
LEFTIES - to see this same video of Part 1 pattern on this page - CLICK HERE

The bracelet pattern on this page will fit someone whose wrist is about 6"- 6.5".

If you want to make a bracelet on this page in a larger size (= Simple Crocheted Bracelet With Pearl Beads - Part 1), you can do multiples of 2 + 5. For each multiple of two sts, you need to add one (1) pearl bead (i.e., a foundation of 35 sts needs 15 beads, a foundation of 39 sts will need 17 beads, or a foundation of 41 will need 18 beads). These five (5) extra sts represent 2 edges, where one will have a buttonhole, and the other will have a button.

If you want to continue to "Easy Crocheted Bracelet - Part 2," you will HAVE TO start with multiples of 8 + 5. Therefore, you will need to start with either 37 sts (for a small wrist), OR 45 sts (for a medium/large wrist), because Part 1 will be a base for Part 2, AND Part 1 & 2 will be a base for Part 3.


ch - chain
sc - single crochet
f/o - fasten off (cut off yarn or thread)
join - join with a slip stitch
prev. - previous

Materials (if you shop via affiliated links below you could help fund my future projects, TXS):
Michaels on line store,  Hobby LobbyJo-Ann FabricsWalmartM&J Trimming

Yarn - 1 ball of any cotton DK yarn (#3 weight/light) - I used Paton's Grace; 50 g/1.75 oz; 125m/136 yds; color black (or make it in any color, or any combination of 2+ colors)
Thick black upholstery thread
16 small pearls beads with diameter of 3/16" (or beads of your choice)
Hook size - 3.00 mm
Small button
Thin sewing needle for stringing beads and sewing a button
Yarn needle for weaving the ends in

S/M (wrist circumference 6"-6.5"; the length of the bracelet is 7")

5 sc sts in 1"


Make 1 for a bracelet, or 2 for "Romantic Hand Covers With Pearl Beads - Part 3"

Preparation: thread your pearl beads onto the sewing thread

Using DK cotton yarn make a foundation of 37 chains

Row 1          sc into second ch from hook, then sc across = 35 sc (total 36 sts), turn
Row 2          ch1 (counts as sc), sc 30, then double your DK cotton yarn with your sewing thread and sc 5 to end, turn
Row 3          ch1 (counts as sc), drop the sewing thread and sc 1 over the thread with DK cotton yarn, *[slide 1 pearl bead all the way to the hook, bring the thread with the bead to the front of the work and sc 1, bring the thread to the top of the prev row, sc 1 over the thread]* - repeat from * to * 16x total (you should have 16 beads on the band), then pull gently on the thread to make sure the tension is same as the crocheted stitches, if you make it too tight, you can stretch the band gently until all the beads are in synch with the band; Note: you do not want the bead to hang, but you do not want the thread to be tight either; after you do your last repeat, you should have 2 more stitches left - finish the row with doubling your DK cotton yarn with your sewing thread again, then ch1(this will be your buttonhole), sc 1 into last st, turn
Row 4         continue with yarn/thread combo - ch1 (counts as sc), sc 5, drop your sewing thread and f/o, then sc 30 (you can crochet over the thread tail with few sc sts), turn
Note: if you want to work on Part 2, to make more elaborate bracelet, stop here. Your Row 5 will be crocheted differently. However if you want to make just Simple Bracelet continue with Row 5 on this page.
Row 5         ch1 (counts as sc), sc 35, then f/o


Weave in both ends, sew a button on the opposite end of the buttonhole and wear to a party.


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