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Candy Blanket

In my last post, I told you about a lady who donated a bag of yarn, which a couple of my knitting and crocheting ladies and I are utilizing for the gift prizes for summer reading in Bridgeport Public Library.
Today I share with you another free pattern where I used 2 big skeins for my project - a blanket (a lap blanket's usual size is about 35″ by 40″ and a kid's/baby blanket usually measures about 30″ by 36″.)
I chose these two skeins because they looked nice together, and as I progressed with my knitting I was loving the blanket more and more. The blanket colors look so yummy, and the pattern looks actually 3D - almost like I knitted cables.

I started on 158 sts and I was a little scared that I would not have enough yarn. Especially because the yarn was donated and I was not sure if I would be able to buy same yarn if I would run out. I am now finished and it turned out OK (see the measurements below). If you want to start on the same number of stitches and you would like to have your blanket a bit longer, you may need to buy more yarn than just one skein of each color (2 skeins total). You could also start with a lower number of repeats and make the blanket narrower.

Below is the written pattern, including few images of my finished project. AND - if you want to learn how to read charts and at the same time knit along (the pattern below) CLICK ON THIS LINK TO SEE MY VIDEO.

BTW - you could use this pattern for a scarf too because the wrong side looks very nice also. It is reversible. You would have to knit about six to nine "6-stitch" repeats (depending on how wide you would want your scarf) plus few extra stitches for the side edges and as many 12-row repeats as you want (again depending on how long you'd want to make your scarf).

A donated bag with yarn

2" x 2" = 6 sts x 8 rows (in stockinette with 6mm knitting needles)

Width - 42" (158 stitches)
Height - 29.5" (148 rows = eleven 12-row repeats + two 8-row edges)

Materials (if you shop via affiliated links below you could help fund my future projects TXS):

Close-up of the pattern - each stripe is 12-row/6-stitch repeat
CO - cast on
K - knit
P - purl
MC - main color yarn (yellow)
CC - complimentary color (peach)
pm - place marker
mm - move marker
BO - bind off


This pattern requires 12-row/6-stitch repeats. Note: This pattern is written for 24 6-stitch repeats. However, you can choose your own # of 6-stitch repeats

With MC yarn CO multiple of 6 sts plus 14 sts for 2 edges (each edge will have 7 sts). I casted on 158 sts (24 repeats of 6 sts = 144, plus 7 sts for each edge; 144 sts + 14 sts = total 158 sts)

Row 1-?       (MC) K158
Note: Knit as many rows of your bottom edge as you wish, I knitted 8 rows


Repeat the below pattern as many times as you want - alternating 12 rows in CC with 12 rows in MC, and finishing with 12 rows in CC.
I  will start row count from the beginning again (from #1). As you are knitting the first row, place markers for reference between your repeats - it will be easier to keep the track of your repetitions and what stitches you are supposed to knit. This work requires attention and concentration on your knit and purl stitches - great for our brains. I made my markers from a different color yarn, but you can use your preferred markers.

Blanket - for baby, kid, or for your lap

Use CC yarn:

Row 1          K7, pm; *[P2, K4, pm]* - repeat from * to * 24x (or your # of repeats); K7
Row 2          K7, mm; *[P4, K2, mm]* - repeat from * to * 24x (or your # of repeats); K7
Row 3          K7, mm; *[P2, K4, mm]* - repeat from * to * 24x (or your # of repeats); K7
Row 4          K7, mm; *[P4, K2, mm]* - repeat from * to * 24x (or your # of repeats); K7

Row 5          K7, mm; *[K2, P2, K2, mm]* - repeat from * to * 24x (or your # of repeats); K7
Row 6          K7, mm; *[P2, K2, P2 mm]* - repeat from * to * 24x (or your # of repeats); K7
Row 7          K7, mm; *[K2, P2, K2, mm]* - repeat from * to * 24x (or your # of repeats); K7
Row 8          K7, mm; *[P2, K2, P2 mm]* - repeat from * to * 24x (or your # of repeats); K7

Row 9          K7, mm; *[K4, P2, mm]* - repeat from * to * 24x (or your # of repeats); K7
Row 10        K7, mm; *[K2, P4, mm]* - repeat from * to * 24x (or your # of repeats); K7
Row 11        K7, mm; *[K4, P2, mm]* - repeat from * to * 24x (or your # of repeats); K7
Row 12        K7, mm; *[K2, P4, mm]* - repeat from * to * 24x (or your # of repeats); K7

Now repeat 12 rows above in MC yarn, after that again repeat 12 rows above in CC, and so on... Finish 12-row repeats with CC yarn.

12-row/6-stitch repeat (without edges)


Finish the blanket with the same number of rows as in the beginning. Let's start row count from 1 again.

Row 1-?       (MC) K158
Note: Knit as many rows for the end edge as you wish, I knitted 8 rows as in the beginning. BO last row. Finish crocheting single crochet stitches (or back stitches) around the entire perimeter with CC and to conceal your color changes of each 12-row panel as well. Do not make your edge too tight. 

Crochet around the side edges

Both sides look nice - I consider this blanket reversible

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