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Knitting A Very Pointy Hat For Baby >>> Velmi Spicata Cepice Pro Miminko

Occasionally, I knit with few ladies at the Senior Center. They are wonderful to be around, telling all kinds of interesting stories, sharing their knitting experiences, etc. What can I tell you - I just LOVE to hang out with them.
What also is great is that people donate yarn to this center and ladies use the yarn to knit for charities. The other day I noticed a blue/white yarn on the table among other donated yarns.
I thought: "What could I do with such a small skein? Hmmmm, perhaps it is just enough to make a hat for a newborn to 3 months old baby."
And that is what I knitted - a very pointy hat for a baby. I used the entire yarn. There was nothing left. I had just enough of yarn to finish the hat with a tassel.

I didn't know what kind of yarn it was, because it's label was missing. But, by looking at it and touching it, it must have been "Red Heart" product. While I was knitting, I penned down my pattern too. This hat can be knitted from a softer yarn than "Red Heart" - just chose a similar thickness. Happy knitting!

This project took about 3 days to design the pattern, write the pattern, take images and upload - .pdf file download via Ravelry by clicking "download now".

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