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Baby Cocoon For A Newborn >>> Spaci Pytel Pro Novorozene

The other day I decided to make a cocoon for a newborn. I went through my stash in my closet and found Caron's Simply Soft yarn that would be good to "play with". I paired two colors - light blue and white - for couple of reasons: to double the yarn (to make the yarn thicker) and give it a more interesting look. Then I took my thickest double pointed needles and knitted a sack for a baby.

Now I need to find a baby to give it to, so he or she can feel cozy and safe inside this cocoon, just like in mommy's belly. Perhaps, I should save it until winter holidays and donate it to a good cause. Yes, that is a great idea. That is what I will do.

If you would like this FREE pattern, you can drop me a message (see the "Contact" on the left below the "Categories" ) or if you are a member on, you can download it via my store page HERE

Happy knitting :-)