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Crocheted "Double" Headband

Finally I finished a project that I had to put on "the back burner". One of my followers asked me to re-create a headband that she saw on the internet, but I was way too busy to do it right away. One week went by, another week went by... And soon it was 4 or 5 weeks and my promise was not fulfilled.
Finally, I told my family not to count on me for the entire day yesterday and got to work. At night I was able to upload the edited video with the making (understand crocheting) of the promised headband.

Materials used were: worsted yarn, hook #E, scissors, two elastic headbands (that is why I call it "double" headband).

I would prefer elastic headbands to be thinner, but I could not find one in the store. So, I worked with what I had.

If you would like to crochet a headband similar to the one in the image above, click on THIS VIDEO LINK. If you do click on it, I hope you will like it.

Enjoy, and viva crocheting :-)