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Raspberry Stitch Crocheted Tunisian Style

About half a year ago I saw an image of cute "raspberry stitch" crocheted with two colors, red and green, and resembling a raspberry or even a strawberry. No one could figure out how to do it, despite the  good images. I found several other versions, but not one like the image with the foreign language description. I think it may have been Vietnamese, or perhaps other language. I really do not know.

I studied the image and after much of thinking I kind of made up my own concoction of how it could have been crocheted. So if you would like to try my version, CLICK ON THIS LINK, which will lead you to my "imperfect" video, which may help you answer your questions and stimulate your brain into making your own version of "how it could have been crocheted".

Enjoy and share with your fellow crocheters.

To crochet "raspberry stitch Tunisian style" - you need:

  • yarn - red and green colors
  • Tunisian long hook
  • scissors
Enjoy, and don't forget to share with your crocheting friends :-)